West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board Opens First Office in Middle East


The West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board opened its first office in the Middle East with a representative office in Dubai, UAE. According to reports, the first tourism board in the nation announced the news during a travel industry and media event held at the Shangri-la Hotel in Dubai.

The Dubai office will serve as a marketing and public relations representative, and will be responsible for raising the profile of West Hollywood as a relaxed luxury destination for Gulf country residents seeking unsurpassed dining experiences, eclectic shopping, and exceptional hospitality stays, right in the heart of Los Angeles’ major attractions, reports Zawya, a business, financial and economic news outlet.

Tom Kiely, President and CEO of West Hollywood Travel + Tourism, states that many Middle East residents visiting Los Angeles already choose to make West Hollywood their base when visiting Los Angeles, “due to our excellent location, beautiful hotels offering suite and villa accommodation, as well as for their concierge desks renowned for their personalized services. West Hollywood has a thriving urban restaurant and café culture, where all are welcomed.

“By opening our first ever Middle East office here in Dubai, we are showing our commitment to the region, along with our ongoing support to our regional travel trade and airline partners, to make attractive holiday packages for their clients to visit West Hollywood,” he added. “In the mind of travelers, we want them to know that West Hollywood can always be their vibrant home away from home in the US.”

The news has not yet been posting in the Visit West Hollywood website.

The West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board is part of Visit West Hollywood, a Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) dedicated to positioning West Hollywood as the world’s most vibrant urban oasis.As a 501(c) non-profit organization, the West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board markets the city as a first-choice visitor destination to business and leisure travelers by promoting an awareness of the city’s unique location, image, businesses and industries.The West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board is accredited with Destinations International’s Destination Marketing Accreditation Process (DMAP), which serves as a visible industry distinction defining quality and performance standards.

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Angry Gay Pope
8 months ago

What kind of idiocy is this? Could Dubai have more homophobic laws? Some folks I met there say they are changing. All I know is gay escorts from around the globe are concentrating there and putting themselves at risk. What is Weho doing in Dubai??? It must be about money because it is not about HUMAN RIGHTS.

8 months ago

Uh huh, ok right, well then, check it, just how much money does the city give to fund this silly operation???

8 months ago
Reply to  TomSmart

None. Business improvement districts are funded by the businesses seeking improvement. It’s somewhat like the business analogue to the home owner’s association.