West Hollywood to Seek Community Feedback on Community Safety and Well-Being Strategy


In response to concerns from the community about crime, mental health, addiction, income inequality, housing insecurity, and more, in November 2021 the City Council directed City staff to develop a Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) Strategic Plan. The city will engage the community in the development of the new plan and will begin seeking feedback in September 2022 from residents, businesses, community organizations, neighboring government partners, first responders, social services providers, and other key civic groups.

Upcoming information about the CSWB strategy, including opportunities to provide feedback, will be posted on the City’s website as information becomes available at www.weho.org/cswb.

The CSWB approach emphasizes collaboration and crime prevention, allowing law enforcement to be able to focus on responding to more serious crimes while it empowers other trained staff, such as security ambassadors, mental health professionals, and outreach workers to address the broader social components of community safety and security. The City’s CSWB Strategy will bring three broad service areas together in support of West Hollywood community members: Law Enforcement and Emergency Response; Neighborhood Livability; and Health and Human Services.

This type of planning requires breaking down silos between community groups, encouraging collaborative problem-solving between organizations, and using data collection and analysis to identify how and when to offer services most effectively. Ultimately, the CSWB strategy will assist the City in better connecting existing social and law enforcement programs, in order to make it easier for individuals to access all the supports they need, when they need them.

The first phase of this process – Strategy Development and Draft Strategic Priorities – began in early 2022. It included the participation of members of the City Council; City staff; City Officials from Commissions and Advisory Boards; representatives from neighborhood watch, residential association groups, and the business community; and contracted safety and social services providers; as well as the participation of a consultant specializing in CSWB strategic planning.

The City outlined what CSWB means for West Hollywood, how the City and its community partners have worked together over the years to address CSWB challenges, and how the City can enhance its current approaches to reducing crime to ensure resources are being targeted where and when they are needed most.

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1 month ago

Here’s the feedback from the community on public safety… Refund the sheriffs department.