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    HomeNewsWest Hollywood Station - Part 1 Crime Report: January 1-7, 2024.

    West Hollywood Station – Part 1 Crime Report: January 1-7, 2024.

    West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station posted the most recent WeHo Part 1 Crime Report: January 1-7, 2024, on the Nixle platform.

    Nixle is a community information service built exclusively for secure and reliable communications. The Nixle service is built on the most authenticated, secure, reliable, and high-speed platform, ensuring communications are trusted and accurate.

    To get updates, visit: https://nixle.us/lasd—west-hollywood-station-los-angeles-county-sheriff/

    January 1st
    Aggravated Assault – Gun
    1000 block Orlando Avenue
    01/01/2024 @ 0300. A man fired gunshots at another man during an argument that took place on the street after a traffic collision. The victim was grazed on his head by one bullet. #00010

    Other Burglary
    9000 block Cynthia Street
    01/01/2024 @ 0000-1120. An unknown suspect gained access to the secure sub parking garage and cut a storage locker open and removed two electric drills and four pairs of shoes. #00040

    Armed Robbery
    8600 block Santa Monica Blvd
    01/01/2024 @ 0039. The victim was using the ATM when a man approached him while armed with a handgun and demanded money and he complied. #00002

    Vehicle Burglary
    900 block N Orange Grove Avenue
    12/31/2023 @ 1800-0300. An unknown suspect removed a backpack containing clothing and credit cards from the trunk. The suspect attempted to make fraudulent purchases with the stolen credit cards but was unsuccessful. No sign of forced entry. #00009

    January 2nd
    Other Burglary
    8600 block Melrose Avenue
    01/02/2024 @ 0602-0808. A man attempted to pry a side door open but was unsuccessful. #00023

    Other Burglary
    1000 block Palm Avenue
    01/02/2024 – 01/04/2024. An unknown suspect removed an unsecured mail package containing a laptop computer from the hallway of the apartment complex. #00097

    Residential Burglary
    100 block Clarke Drive
    01/02/2024 @ 1200-1900. An unknown suspect removed a backpack containing a laptop computer from the living room. No sign of forced entry. #00055

    January 3rd
    Grand Theft
    7100 block Santa Monica Blvd
    01/03/2024 @ 1330. A man removed miscellaneous perfume and skin care products and left the store without payment. #00046

    Other Burglary

    900 block Doheny Drive
    01/03/2024 @ 0418. An unknown suspect pried a back door open to gain access to the secure apartment complex and removed an unsecured mail package. #00050

    January 4th
    Residential Burglary
    800 block Hilldale Avenue
    01/04/2024 @ 0135. An unknown suspect opened the front door and walked into the living room. The homeowner heard the suspect inside his residence and called out, which caused the suspect to run out the front door. #00058

    Vehicle Burglary
    8900 block Rosewood Avenue
    01/04/2024 @ 1550-1746. An unknown suspect smashed the rear passenger’s side window and removed three cameras, four camera lenses, and miscellaneous clothing from the interior. #00075

    January 5th
    Nothing significant to report.

    January 6th
    Aggravated Assault – Hands, Fist, Feet (2 victims)
    8900 block Santa Monica Blvd
    01/06/2024 @ 1715. A man bit two club employee’s multiple times during a fight that took place after his friend was denied entry for being too intoxicated. The suspect fled the area and was located and arrested by responding deputies. #00095

    Strong Arm Robbery
    Melrose Avenue / Santa Monica Blvd
    01/06/2024 @ 0041. A woman was walking NB on San Vicente Blvd when a man approached her from behind and grabbed her fanny pack. A struggle ensued and the victim was thrown to the ground and dragged along the sidewalk. The suspect gained possession of the fanny pack and a cross body satchel and ran to a black sedan and fled the area. #00086

    Strong Arm
    Westmount Drive / West Knoll Drive
    01/06/2024 @ 0230. Two women were walking on the sidewalk when a man exited the passenger seat of a parked car and ran in their direction. The suspect tried to pull the victim’s cell phone from her possession and a struggle ensued, but the victim was able to maintain possession of her phone. The suspect then pulled a phone from the other victim’s hand. #00088

    January 7th
    Aggravated Assault – Knife
    1000 block Genesee Avenue
    01/07/2024 @ 0332. A woman pointed a knife at the victim, chased after him, and tried to stab him during an argument that took place on the sidewalk after the victim accused the suspect of cheating on him. The suspect was arrested by responding deputies. #00104

    Grand Theft
    8800 block Santa Monica Blvd
    01/07/2024 @ 0048. An unknown suspect removed a cell phone from the victim’s front pants pocket while inside the club. #00103

    Grand Theft
    600 block N Robertson Blvd
    01/07/2024 @ 0100. An unknown suspect removed a cell phone from the victim’s purse while on the dance floor. #00108

    Grand Theft
    8900 block Santa Monica Blvd
    01/07/2024 @ 0130. An unknown suspect removed a cell phone from the victim’s purse while inside the club. #00115

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    3 months ago

    1st posting on January 1st. Shouldn’t the sentence say grazed & not crazed?

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