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    HomeNewsWest Hollywood Amends Housing Ordinance to Increase Safety of Short-Term Rentals

    West Hollywood Amends Housing Ordinance to Increase Safety of Short-Term Rentals

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    At a Regular West Hollywood City Council meeting on Monday, June 26, 2023, the City council unanimously passed amendments to the 2018 Short Term Rental (STR) Ordinance that closes loopholes to illegally rent properties in the City. The amendments empower local residents with a private right of action, which permits individuals to bring lawsuits against hosts and holds platforms liable if they are in violation of the ordinance.

    The amendments directly address a rising safety concern about geographical bait-and-switch tactics, where hosts at properties in the City of Los Angeles instead use addresses in cities such as West Hollywood to avoid enforcement of L.A.’s Home Sharing Ordinance (HSO). In March 2023, Better Neighbors LA (BNLA) reviewed 100 AirBbnBb listings in “West Hollywood” to find that 82% were actually located in the City of LA.

    Over the past few years, illegal STRs have become sites of life-and-death public safety issues, including the murder of three people outside of a “party house” in Benedict Canyon this past January, and 2022 shootings in Studio City and Encino.

    West Hollywood’s amendment follows Santa Monica’s 2015 regulations that provide a private right of action. The City of LA is considering a motion with similar amendments that strengthens enforcement and allows Angelenos a private right of action.

    “We applaud this move by the City of West Hollywood, and hope Los Angeles will soon follow suit, to preserve housing and protect city residents,” said Executive Director of BNLA, Randy Renick. ”Several years into enforcement of the Home Sharing Ordinance, the City of LA is still struggling to properly enforce it.The City of Santa Monica’s enforcement of their short-term rental ordinance has been more successful than in LA, partially because their ordinance allows for a private right of action.”

    BNLA’s 2022 Home-Sharing Ordinance Enforcement Report and Recommendations found that in 2022 alone there were 4,000 illegal STR listings on just AirBnB and only 27 issued citations by the City of LA. With these findings, the City of LA’s motion calls for an updated reporting system that would require all STR platforms to share data that would help the City enforce violations of illegal STRs. This action would close loopholes that STR hosts have exploited.

    Violations of STR ordinances contribute to the decline of affordable housing in a region where it’s increasingly harder to find. In the City of LA, BNLA found that commercial STRs have removed 2,500 homes from the long-term rental market and are responsible for more than 5,000 extra people experiencing homelessness.

    “Short-term rental regulations are important to protect long-term housing for residents,” said Nancy Hanna, a partner at Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai, LLP. “Especially in areas where the housing crisis is most acute, enforcing those regulations is a critical and necessary part of preserving housing.”

    West Hollywood Mayor Sepi Shyne requested that Code Enforcement identify what additional resources are needed to ensure violations are being handled properly.

    City Councilmember John Erickson requested Code Enforcement provide quarterly updates on STR enforcement, in order to increase transparency and accountability.

    “The amendments to West Hollywood’s short-term rental ordinance will hopefully allow the City to better enforce its ordinance and in effect curb illegal short-term rentals,” said BNLA Spokesperson, Tori Funk. “Key to their success will be code enforcement fully taking advantage of these regulations, and listening to residents who report illegal STRs.”

    The City of Los Angeles is expected to consider its STR motion after the council returns from July recess.

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    Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane
    7 months ago

    $5000 a month rentals definitely not contributing to homeless population, such a stupid comment.

    1 year ago

    Gross. BNLA represents hotel unions. They’re afraid of losing their jobs. City of west Hollywood one again hand in to corrupt unions. No surprise

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