WERQUE with Luis Camacho is Having a Madonna Moment for Her Birthday


WERQUE Vogue Workshop dance instructor Luis Camacho, is giving Madonna props with a special Madonna moment to pay tribute to The Queen on her upcoming birthday. The Werque Dance Class: The Madonna Moment, A B-Day Tribute is happening on August 12, from 11am – 1pm. at Hollywood Dance Studio from 11am-1pm. Hollywood Dance Studio is located at 817 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles.

“We’re having a Madonna moment,” Camacho tells WEHO TIMES. “She’s turning the big 6-0, so I wanted to celebrate her. At 60, I think she continues to express herself in great ways. She’s still relevant and I just admire her as an artist. All the music will be Madonna for this dance class. So dance and sing, get off and do your thing, but do it with us on the 12th. Come in and just have fun and let’s celebrate an icon that we all love.”

Luis Camacho – Werque Dance Class

The WERQUE Vogue Workshops are intimate, high energy and fun. They fuse hip-hop, jazz and vogue. The goal is to create a sense of liberation and excitement in a dance class setting while getting all sweaty and getting a cardio workout. Werque is for all ages and all dance levels. Camacho hopes his class will give people some self-confidence, and a little flair. He wants people to let their hair down and feel fierce.

Luis Camacho made a name for himself in the New York City ballroom scene where he won several trophies at vogue balls in the mid-to-late 80s. The School of Performing Arts alumnus toured Japan where he showcased his dance moves at various clubs throughout the country as a member of the legendary House of Xtravaganza. He was in the pulse of dance, music, visual arts, nightlife, fashion, and community activism way before he caught the eye of superstar Madonna.

Camacho’s main passion continues to be dance. For the past ten years, he has used his talents to give back to the community. He has either produced, choreographed or performed in a long list of charity events, and he contributes top-notch entertainment for several fundraising shows.

To learn more about WERQUE Vogue Workshop and to sign up, visit: werquedanceclass.com

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