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    WeHo to Restart Negotiating Purchase of Log Cabin Site

    The future ownership of the Log Cabin site located at 621 N. Robertson Boulevard is still pending, as negotiations restart between the City of West Hollywood and the City of Beverly Hills. Talks of possible ownership by WeHo City ceased during COVID-19 according to former WeHo council member John Duran. Negotiations are set to restart as LA County continues to lift restrictions on indoor public gatherings.

    “The cities of WeHo and Beverly Hills were tying up the sale of property last March [2020],” Duran told WEHO TIMES. “Then COVID hit and stopped the transaction. They have started up again. Price is being negotiated again because determination of historic status will force the price down.”

    Photo by Paulo Murillo for WEHO TIMES
    Photo by Paulo Murillo for WEHO TIMES

    Brian League from the West Hollywood Development Team confirms that negotiations are underway.

    “The City exercised its additional 12 month option on the lease to purchase agreement as we continue our due diligence work,” he stated via a text to council member John D’Amico. “The original Sale Agreement was executed in April 1, 2020. It provides two years for the city to complete this work.”

    According to League, there was a discussion with Beverly Hills leadership to review the due diligence findings. The WeHo City Attorney’s Office transmitted these files and findings over to them.

    Photo by Paulo Murillo for WEHO TIMES

    “We plan to reconvene our discussion with Beverly Hills on these items as we seek to renegotiate parts of the Point of Sale Agreement,” he said.

    Meanwhile the Log Cabin site continues to look like an abandoned shack. Photos exclusive to WEHO TIMESS, dated March 9, 2020, show “our own house is not in order.” Major improvements need to be made to the interior and exterior of the space mainly used for 12-step recovery meetings. The graffiti in the restrooms, holes in the kitchen walls, and tattered exterior are in contrast with the newly renovated West Hollywood Recovery Center located across the street.

    Photo by Paulo Murillo for WEHO TIMES
    Photo by Paulo Murillo for WEHO TIMES

    “Essentially we’re leasing it now and we sublease it to the Recovery Center,” League told WEHO TIMES. “They have the keys. Once the county says they can open up, it’s up to them. It’s business as usual. We don’t own it yet. We have the lease from Beverly Hills and we’re still going through the process. You’d have to ask [the Recovery Center] when they feel it is safe to open. If the county gave them the green light saying it was safe to open at 100 percent capacity tomorrow, there is nothing that we’re precluding from them doing that.”

    League says the city has done some studies to see what kind of renovations the site would need. However those renovations are dependent upon the purchase. The way negotiations currently stand, the WeHo Development Team is taking the City Council’s directive to purchase the space. They are trying to finalize the details

    A West Hollywood Recovery Center board member tells WEHO TIMES that the Board intends on opening both the Recovery Center and Log Cabin site when they feel it is safe to do so. The consensus of the Board is to open when indoor meeting facilities are at 100 percent capacity. The Log Cabin and Recovery Center both tended to be overcrowded pre-COVID. Anything less than 100 capacity means they would have to turn people away.

    The Lions Club of West Hollywood formerly leased the site. That agreement is now expired. The City of Beverly Hills provided notice to the Lions Club to vacate the premises on March 31, 2020.

    The West Hollywood Recovery Center currently hosts a series of virtual 12-step meetings via ZOOM. Community members may check for updates at on when both facilities will open for in-person meetings at http://thewhrc.org.

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