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    WeHo Mayor John Jude Duran Responds to Election Results

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    “WE WON!” WeHo Mayor John Jude Duran, posted on his Facebook timeline this morning following yesterday’s November 6 elections in which Democrats won back control of the House of Representatives, but lost seats in the Senate.

    Below are his remarks about yesterday’s results:

    “Many of us (me included) got emotionally invested in Andrew Gilllum in Florida, Stacey Abrams in Georgia and Beto O’Rourke in Texas because they reminded us of Barack Obama’s message of HOPE.

    So, today we FEEL emotionally let down. BUT – come on now!!! Let’s look at the SPECTACULAR FACTS!!!

    *. We took the People’s House back comfortably with more seats to be added when AZ and CA finish counting! This means we have STOPPED Trumpism. TRUMP cannot cause any legislative harm to us any more. Why? Because the Majority and Speaker control the committees. Anything awful coming out of Trump or the Tea Party will be killed in committee. We can also move rational gun control out of the House and pressure GOP moderates in the Senate to stand up for what’s right!

    *. Starting in January, WEHO’s Congressman ADAM SCHIFF will be Chairman of House Intelligence! This means the FBI and ROBERT MUELLER will be protected. It also means that the Russia investigation will be fully aired for all to see and Devin Nunes returns to be unimportant legislator from Fresno.

    *. AUNTIE Maxine Waters will now be CHAIRWOMAN of House Banking. Elijah Cummings Chairman of House Oversight. And Nancy Pelosi will be the most powerful woman in the country as the SPEAKER for all the People! We now control all the subpoenas to investigate the criminal Trump family enterprise.

    * Democrats flipped 7 GOVERNOR seats around the country which sets those States up for a fair reapportionment for the next decade in KEY states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Kansas, Maine and Connecticut. We now control the Governor’s seats in HALF the States!

    * US Senate – Jackie Rosen did win Nevada. And Tester in Montana did pull ahead and win! Nelson is forced into a recount in Florida! And Sinema may still pull it off in Arizona. The reality is that for future elections, the WESTERN United States is locking in SOLID blue and purple!. That’s because of the critical role that Latinos play when they turn out and vote. Thanks for making us angry Trump!

    *. Orange County California will now have 3 Democratic Congressmembers and 2 Republican Congressmembers. Think about that! Orange County!!!! Suburban women rocked the House !

    * LGBT big WINS! We have an openly gay Governor in COLORADO Jared Polis! We have a bisexual Governor Kate Brown in OREGON. A new Native American lesbian elected in Kansas! And the woman who refused to give gay couples their marriage licenses in Kentucky = Kim Davis went DOWN to defeat!

    *. First two Muslim women elected to US Congress. First two Native American women elected to Congress! Woo hoo on both!

    *. And women have won 98 seats in the House and 12 in the US senate so far. Those numbers will go up as votes are finalized in the West. So remember those women’s Marches we all did all over the country???? They paid off BIG TIME!

    YES! Of course I wanted the Senate! And I wanted Beto and Andrew and Stacy to win (she still may end up in a run off in Georgia!!). But rather than focus on what my heart wanted completely…… based on the FACTS and the OUTCOMES…


    To read WeHo Mayor John Duran’s bio, visit: https://www.weho.org/city-government/city-council/councilmembers/mayor-john-j-duran

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