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    WeHo Mayor John Duran’s Name Found in List of Alleged Pipe Bomber

    West Hollywood Mayor John Jude Duran, revealed today that he was informed by the FBI that his name was found in a list belonging to alleged pipe bomber Cesar Sayoc Jr, the Florida man who stands accused of mailing 16 pipe bombs to a variety of leftist political figures who were targets of criticism by the Trump Administration.

    “WEHOANS,” Duran posted on his Facebook timeline. “I spoke to the FBI today. Apparently, the alleged pipe bomber in Florida Cesar Sayoc had me on his list. The FBI discovered my name in a list of persons that he was gathering information on…….[sic] I don’t know what this means. He is in custody. And probably will be for a long time. But sometimes these guys run in packs and share information. So I will be cautious. I am not afraid.”

    As WeHo Mayor, Duran has been critical of the Trump Administration, which has earned him several clap backs from the political right, as well as some from the left who take everything he does personally. It most likely did not sit well with Sayoc when Duran honored porn star Stormy Daniels with a key to the city and declared May 23rd Stormy Daniels Day. He may have become a person of interest when he hosted a panel discussion, “An Update on Washington D.C. Politics: the Mueller Investigation, Human Rights and Immigration, and the Future of Resistance, back in July 26, where Stormy’s lawyer and Trump nemesis Michael Avenattii, was a guest speaker. Duran may have become a target when he invited the Trump Baby Balloon into the city on October 27.

    Trump Baby Balloon in West Hollywood – Photo by Paulo Murillo

    “Not my first brush with the far right wing in America,” Duran added on his Facebook timeline. “[I] had the White Aryan Resistance put a swastika on my office door once. Had a file called ‘hate mail’ overflow for awhile. And my back porch set on fire once a long time ago. Interesting times that Donald Trump has brought upon us with hate crimes up 17% in the past year against Jews, immigrants, African Americans, LGBT and Muslims especially…… I think you’re immoral and vulgar Donald Trump. I don’t fear you. But I do fear what you inspire in unhinged people around my country……”

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