WeHo in Shock Over Death of Mother Lode Bartender Charles Kinsley

Charles Kinsley at Mother Lode West Hollywood - Photo by Paulo Murillo

The West Hollywood community is in shock after learning of the recent passing of Charles Kinsley, a man widely known for his lengthy bartending gig at Mother Lode in the heart of WeHo’s Boystown.

Kinsley has been a fixture in the city of West Hollywood dating back to the early 90s. He’s had jobs in the city at places that no longer exist, like RubiRosa, Eat Well and Axis dance club. The overall assessment is that he was a nice guy and loved by many.

“WEHOANS,” West Hollywood Mayor John Duran, announced on his Facebook timeline. “I am sad to report the passing of Mother Lode bartender Charles Kinsley. One of our Weho family member. RIP. 😞 [sic]”

The news, which came out yesterday, sent a ripple of disbelief and sorrow throughout the WeHo community. People are asking what happened and those who were touched by the life of Charles Kinsley, are sharing fond memories throughout the many years.

“I remember Charles from when we used to work together at the restaurant Rubi Rosa in 1994. RubiRosa was a restaurant owned by Christina Applegate where Fiesta Cantina now stands,” said WEHO TIMES contributor and West Hollywood resident, Dan Mryglot. “I’m just in shock and disbelief. He was the sweetest, nicest guy. He loved Madonna. We always said hi to each other in the locker room or on the gym floor. He’d always wink at me and say hello whenever we saw each other at 24-Hour Fitness. We’d always comment how we’ve known each other for so long and how much time flies. Charles seemed to have captured the fountain of youth, looking forever young, beautiful and sexy. He was liked and loved by all.”

“Chuck! I am DONE!,” Burton Sebastian, of DirtyBurty Presents, posted on his Facebook timeline. “You are the reason I Loved what I did in WeHo! I don’t know what I’m going to do anymore! You are my Heart! ❤ 😭”

Sabastian works as a promoter at Motherlode. He worked with Kinsley during his events like the bar’s Invade the Hole every Tuesday night.

“So Sad and Broken tonight!” He posted last night. “So Sorry you had to see my emotions at my event! But I lost my Heart and my world in WeHo tonight!”

“I can’t believe this,” His friend Adam Bourque wrote on Kinsley’s timeline. “Charlie was one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His kindness knew no bounds and his personality could brighten up any day. I will miss his silliness and his bear hugs; among many other things. He was a bright and beautiful shining star. Thank you for being a part of my life, Charlie. I will miss you. ❤️❤️❤️”

“No, No, NO!!!!” Posted Moni Marx‎. “Oh God. Charlie, you were ALWAYS the sweetest person to Myles & I. Always so loving and welcoming to me, with open arms and hugs whenever I saw you. Omg. I just don’t want to believe this. 😭😪”

“Please tell me this is not real, please tell me you going to wake up and give us again that sweet smile,” Renato Marcelle added‎. “My heart is in pain now 💔 I can’t believe this”

Charles Kinsley recently celebrated a birthday on January 7. According to a source, he died of a heart attack.

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  1. Shocked hearing the devastating news. Charley was an amazing kind person. I am grateful just to have known him. Good bye for now friend, We will meet again!

  2. I’ve been in love with him for 20 years. When I went to visit him a few years ago I was surprised by how little he’d changed. I was wearing a coral bracelet that he liked so I gave it to him in exchange for a drink. He was simply lovable, and I hope the bracelet made him feel so.

  3. I guess you don’t realize what a one-of-a-kind of person is until they’re gone. A very kind, funny, and beautiful person. He made me feel very welcome. I don’t really go out much anymore but looking back some of the best memories will always have Charlie in them. RIP my man.

  4. I met Charlie as I was coming out and new to the WEHO neighbourhood and scene. He kept me coming back to Motherlode despite it not really being my fave place. Even when busy, he’d find a moment to half climb over the bar to make sure I got a hug and that beaming smile was everything. A true loving light. So broken over this.

  5. I met Charlie 25 years ago in Laguna Beach at the Boom Boom Room. I am having trouble gathering my thoughts, still in disbelief and utter shock. By my definition, Charlie had class, he always made everyone feel at ease and made you feel comfortable. I am not much of a drinker, but I would often come in just to visit and talk with him. He had a way of making me feel okay and everything was okay. I will miss him so much, he will forever be in my heart. Charlie and I will meet up again, and that I am sure of, see you on the other side my friend.

  6. Does anyone know if there is a vigil or some arrangements that the community can celebrate his life and the enternal gift of love and friendship he gave us?


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