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    WeHo for the People Features Community Members Sharing Concerns About City Council

    In a new video series produced by WEHO for the People residents and business owners in West Hollywood share stories and concerns about their City Council, discussing how they feel they have abandoned their community and implemented policies that now threaten their public safety and economic survival.

    “The stories shared are very powerful and reflect what a vast majority of people are feeling about our once great City,” said Keith Kaplan, Chair, WEHO for the People, a coalition that is concerned about the Council’s anti-community policies that are devastating the City.  “We are going to do all we can to showcase these stories and push for change to help bring back public safety and economic security for West Hollywood.”

    “I have no desire to live in a city where fear is the number one emotion,” said Tim Jahnke,, who lives and works in the City’s entertainment industry.  He thrives on the diversity, the arts community and music industry that have also thrived in West Hollywood.  He feels connected because his friends both live and work in the City’s entertainment industry. “But now, people are getting mugged in broad daylight and face no consequences.  A man ran out of a store with an arm full of groceries, a security guy was running after him, and the manager was running and yelling to let the guy go. The criminals are too brazen. People will leave our city. I may leave too.”

    Yola Dore feels the City failed her.  She is a civil rights, human rights and women’s rights champion. She made sure people in West Hollywood were granted these rights when she helped build the City years ago.  “As a senior and person with disabilities, the City now treats seniors and people with disabilities as an afterthought.  The City imposes higher labor costs on businesses which forces seniors, unable to leave the City to pay more to buy their goods and services when they are already struggling to survive on their limited fixed income.”

    WEHO for the People describes itself as a broad-based coalition made up of citizens, neighborhood groups, businesses and other interested parties who share a vison of West Hollywood as a dynamic, creative urban village with a strong sense of community and acceptance. At the same time, they say they are concerned with with what they allege are aggressive, anti-community policies that are devastating West Hollywood (WEHO), driven by the SHE coalition (Shyne, Horvath, Erickson) who they say continually ignore and fail their constituents while supporting special interest groups that promise to support their future political endeavors.

    To view other WeHo for the People stories, go to:  https://www.wehoforthepeople.org/testimonials.

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    1 year ago

    “The People” are totally disgusted with this current council and the direction they are forcing the city to go in. They don’t listen/don’t care what the people that live here want. They just care about their raw political ambitions. Vote Meister, Heilman and Duran!

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