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    WeHo Deputies Conduct Another Face Cover / Mask Operation to Educate Public on Importance of Face Coverings

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    The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department conducted another face cover / mask operation on Wednesday, July 8, 2020, at 3pm, to educate the public on the importance of face coverings and to give away free masks to individuals who need them.

    According to an email obtain by WEHO TIMES from Lieutenant Moulder, the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station is still on the educational phase before it starts citing the public for not complying to Los Angeles County Ordinance to wear face coverings while out in public.

    The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station announced on Wednesday, July 1st, that while its primary focus was on education and awareness, deputies may issue an Administrative Citation if someone refuses voluntary compliance to use a mask or other form of face covering while out in public in the City of West Hollywood. Sheriff’s personnel have been handing out free masks as part of requesting compliance.

    “We conducted a short face cover/mask operation today, Wednesday, July 8, 2020, at 3 pm, on Santa Monica Blvd between Hancock and Robertson with members of our COPPS Team,” Lt Moulder stated in an email to a West Hollywood City official. “As it is always our intent, we endeavored to educate the public about the importance of wearing a face cover/mask. We contacted approximately 5-10 people who were not wearing face covers/masks. We also provide 4 masks to people who did not have one. No citations were issued. The Associated Press (AP) covered the operation.”

    The first Mask/Face Cover Operation conducted by the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department was on Thursday, July 2, 2020. According to the report, zero citations were given that day. People got off with a verbal warning and over 100 mask were distributed that day.

    Face coverings have been required in the city of West Hollywood since Saturday, May 23, 2020, over concerns about the spike in the COVID-19 infection rate. The city has increased its efforts to once again flatten the curve by reminding the public to wear face coverings, stay at home and to adhere to social distancing.

    The City of West Hollywood’s released a fee schedule that ranges from $300, to $5,000 for repeated offenses, plus and additional $50 for each citation.

    The Administrative Citation breakdown is as follows:

    • A first violation is $250 plus a fee of $50 for a total of $300;
    • A second violation is $1,000 plus a fee of $50 for a total of $1,050;
    • A third violation is $2,000 plus a fee of $50 for a total of $2,050; and
    • A fourth violation is $5,000 plus a fee of $50 for a total of $5,050.

    The City reports that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department West Hollywood Station has been monitoring compliance of face covering requirements since May. So far there have not been any reports of anyone being fined for not covering their face while out in West Hollywood.

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    Jimmy Palmieri
    Jimmy Palmieri
    4 years ago

    The time for education is over. Anyone not aware of the dangers of not wearing a mask at this point, are mentally or politically challenged. Get some god damned balls and start handing out fines. I guarantee, 25 tickets handed out, and this whole city will be wearing masks. FYI, NECK MASKING IS THE SAME AS NOT WEARING A MASK,. For such a progressive city, we are ignoring the most simplest of life saving requirements. WEARING A MASK..

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