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    WeHo Continues to Encourage Community to Reduce Water Use

    The City of West Hollywood continues to encourage community members to reduce water use via digital billboards messaging. Older Metro bus shelters are currently being replaced with newer models with digital streaming capabilities along Santa Monica Boulevard and other parts of the city. Advertising with suggestive messaging continue with the hopes to inspire the preservation of the region’s water storage reserves in response to extreme drought conditions impacting California. Simply put, a few days of rain are not going to cut it.

    “Have a morning quickie,” reads one billboard featuring a person taking a shower. “Keep showers to 5 minutes or less to save up to 15 gallons of water each day.”

    “Keep it dirty,” reads the second ad, referring to a dirty car. “Wash your car monthly instead of weekly to save up to 4,000 gallons of water each year.”

    Reduce water use ad – Photo by Paulo Murillo for WEHO TIMES

    Back in September Governor Gavin Newsom asked all Californians to voluntarily reduce Water Use by 15 Percent; Many of California’s Counties are Now Under a State Emergency Drought Proclamation.

    According to the State of California Drought action, the 2021 overview of the water year that ended September 30 was the second driest on record, due to extreme heat and lack of rain and snow. All 58 counties in California are now under a drought emergency proclamation.

    Most rain and snow falls in California from November through April. It fills the reservoirs and aquifers that we use to supply homes, businesses, and farms. It also supports fish and wildlife that depend on our rivers and wetlands.

    Warm temperatures in California this April and early May have made 2021 a critically dry year. Snow melted and runoff evaporated at a faster rate in the Sacramento, Feather, and American River watersheds.

    The state continues to track drought conditions. It’s committed to tackling the drought emergency while addressing long-standing water challenges.

    Read more in Water Year 2021: An Extreme Year.

    The U.S. Drought Monitor, a project of The National Drought Mitigation Center, also states that much of Southern California is experiencing extreme drought conditions. The U.S. Drought Monitor rates drought intensity on a scale of D0 (abnormally dry) to D4 (exceptionally dry). Nearly every region of California is affected by scarce supplies of water.

    A press release by the City of West Hollywood this past September states that Metropolitan Water District’s Board of Directors declared a Water Supply Alert calling for consumers and businesses to voluntarily reduce water use and help preserve the region’s storage reserves. The West Basin Municipal Water District’s Board of Directors has moved to activate its Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WCSP) and declare Water Shortage Level One for the service area representing nearly one million people in 17 cities and unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County, including West Hollywood.

    West Hollywood residents and businesses are served by two water utility companies: Beverly Hills Public Works and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP). Both utilities encourage their customers to continue to use water efficiently.

    The City of West Hollywood offers tips for saving water on its website at www.weho.org/waterconservation. Visit the State of California’s “Save Our Water” drought action website at https://drought.ca.gov to learn about being drought-aware and using water wisely. Water conservation tips are also available at:

    As part of efforts to encourage water conservation, the City of West Hollywood, in 2015, produced an Emmy Award-winning 60-second public service announcement (PSA) video called “Winter is Coming! But the Drought is Far From Over.” Designed as a mock TV-series preview trailer, the PSA is based on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones and takes viewers on a dramatic journey — instead of traveling through the mythical land of Westeros, viewers travel on a storybook tour of what a fictional West Hollywood may look like if the drought continues. Watch the public service announcement video on the City’s WeHoTV YouTube Channel at https://youtu.be/ybKFa2X6RB8.

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