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    WeHo Community Members Weigh in on Proposed Weekend Robertson Closure

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    The West Hollywood Residents Association (WHWRA) posted the following update from a virtual Robertson Closure Community Meeting that took place on Wednesday, Marcy 24, 2021:

    Hello Neighbors,

    At yesterday’s Robertson Closure Community meeting, residents got a chance to see what’s being considered for the street, and had an opportunity to ask question and make comments.

    The plan brought forward by Council Member John D’Amico and John Erickson and unanimously approved by the entire city council is to close off Robertson Blvd to vehicles between Santa Monica and El Tovar from 6pm Saturdays until 2am Mondays every weekend beginning in April for a 3 month pilot program.

    City staff offered ideas like a farmers market, tents with retail and non profit organization and outdoor street yoga. It was unclear what would be happening during the evening hours other than an expansion onto the street by the Abby Food and Bar and the creation of the “longest drag runway in the world” as the Abby’s owner was said to have proposed.

    Residents discuss Robertson closure

    Residents were perplexed at the reasoning behind the need for such a street closure and concerned about the consequences to our neighborhood and the Norma Triangle neighborhood to the north.

    Resident Ken Lautsch from Ashcroft Ave asked city staff, “Why are we not just making longer term plans to accommodate these type of functions in the park?”

    Rangely resident Midge Barnett said that if the closure is successful in attracting more visitors than usual “you’ll have hundreds of people that will be coming here Saturday night, all day Sunday. They are going to be parking and blocking up our streets”.

    Wayne, also from Rangely Ave said, “most other places have their farmers market on a street that does not impact traffic.”

    Although this plan is said to have been initiated to help stimulate businesses in the area, Jake Stevens who represents Faring the developer of the Robertson Lane Hotel now under construction in the closure zone said “none of the businesses on Robertson Blvd asked for this”.

    Bobbi Edrick, a resident in the Norma Triangle said, “Yoga on the street!? Why would anyone want to do yoga on asphalt? Who does it benefit, what is the purpose? Who gains by this, certainly not the neighborhood. We’re going to have traffic, we’re going to have noise.”

    Joel Becker from Ashcroft Ave was disappointed to hear that the city council approved this closure without first reaching out to businesses and residents. “This process seems really backward and we should have been consulted before this project went forward……I’ve never seen a project come to us with so little planning.”

    Residents who would like to share their comments directly with the city council should do so as soon as possible to [email protected] and to the asst city manager Oscar Delgado at [email protected].

    Thank you for your support and commitment to your neighborhood.

    West Hollywood West Residents Association


    West Hollywood West Residents Association is an organization comprised of homeowners and tenants living in the West Hollywood West community located in the City of West Hollywood.
    The residential area within these West Hollywood boundaries: La Cienega to Doheny and Melrose to Beverly Blvd. The WHW community includes approximately one thousand residences.

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    Chris Matthews
    Chris Matthews
    3 years ago

    OH MY! Who would have EVER thought liberals would have come up with anything insane? ? ?

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