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    WeHo City is Accepting Applications for New Social Justice Task Force

    The City of West Hollywood is currently accepting applications for new Social Justice Task Force in an effort to help identify social and racial inequities and provide recommendations to city council regarding policy and reforms. The new task force will increase community engagement and amplify the voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in the West Hollywood community.

    The Social Justice Task Force will consist of community members that reflect the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) who live, work, or own businesses in the City of West Hollywood. There will be one direct appointee from each of five Council members and four at-large appointees. Interested community members should submit an application to the City Clerk’s office by Monday, February 22, 2021 to be considered for a Task Force appointment. Applications will be reviewed by City staff and City Council through the month of February and staff will return to City Council within 60 days for the City Council to make appointments. After the City Council makes appointments, the Social Justice Task Force will convene its first meeting and adopt a 12-month work plan, with opportunities for extensions or adaptations as necessary.

    More information about the Task Force and the application form can be accessed at www.weho.org/city-government/boards-commissions/committees-and-task-forces/social-justice-task-force.

    A city press release states that the City of West Hollywood has an unwavering commitment to responding proactively to the unique needs of its diverse community, creatively finding solutions to managing its urban environment, and is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the well-being of the community. The City strives for quality in all actions in setting the highest goals and standards.

    Two of the Core Values of the City are: Respect and Support for People and Responsiveness to the Public. The City recognizes and celebrates the diversity of its community by treating all individuals with respect for their personal dignity and by providing a wide array of specialized services. The City promotes mutual respect, courtesy, and thoughtfulness in all interactions. The City holds itself accountable to members of its community and is committed to actively seeking public participation. The City promotes a public process whereby it can respond to the community’s needs while balancing competing interests and diverse opinions.

    For additional information about the Social Justice Task Force, contact Jasmine Duckworth, the City of West Hollywood’s Community Affairs Coordinator, at (323) 848-6559 or at jduckworth@weho.org.

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    1 year ago

    The basic human rights of our unhoused community members are being abused daily under our own watch. If the purview of this Task Force will NOT include class and economic equity, then it should be renamed the Racial Justice Task Force.

    COP WATCH WeHo (click comment link to watch) captured video of multiple deputies pushing out an unhoused older man, when block-by-block or the MET team could have been more appropriate. Who’s equity are we talking about?

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