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    WeHo City Approves Sponsorship of Community Cleanup Events

    At a regular city council meeting on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, the City Council moved to consent agenda item 5.D. approving the sponsorship of a series of community cleanup events, each focusing on a specific area within the City of West Hollywood. The item brought forward by council member John Erickson and Mayor Pro-Tempore Sepi Shyne, will allow residents, businesses, and other stakeholders the opportunity to volunteer to serve the community, to pick up litter, engage with one another, and to address community beautification needs.

    The proposed events will be held over a series of weekends in spring and summer 2022, with each date focusing on a specific area in the City. Volunteers will be asked to meet in a designated location, will be provided supplies (such as gloves, trash pickers, bags, etc.), and will be asked to fan out across the designated area to pick up litter in streets, alleyways, parks, parkways, and other public places.

    Participants can also take note of any other community beautification needs that need to be reported to City staff, such as graffiti, bulky items on the curb, or other issues. Participants will adhere to any City required COVID-19 safety protocols in place at the time of the events (such as social distancing, wearing masks, and remaining outside during the duration of the event).

    Residents, businesses, neighborhood watch groups, Advisory Boards and Commissions, and other stakeholders will be invited to volunteer. Block by Block Security Ambassadors and relevant City staff will also participate and be available to respond to community members’ questions.

    The city will direct Staff to coordinate the community cleanup events in partnership with residents, businesses, neighborhood watch groups, and other stakeholders interested in volunteering. The Communications Department will utilize all appropriate communication tools to promote the events including, but not limited too the City’s website, a press release, and social media tools.

    City will authorize the director of finance and Technology Services to allocate $4,000 from unallocated general fund reserves to the special council programs account 100-1-01-00-531001, and increase the budget for Special Council Programs by the same amount.

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    1 year ago

    How about we pay the homeless to clean up our city streets? How about Code Compliance cracking down. How about we educate the public on why you shouldn’t litter. If we put an ounce of effort into all of that as much as we do about cannabis, etc. our city will be a lot cleaner. The volunteers are people that didn’t contribute to the problem and we’re asking them to clean up others mess.

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