WeHo Aquatics and Recreation Center Earns LA Architecture Award

WeHo Aquatics and Recreating Center - Photo by Mike Pingel for WEHO TIMES

The Los Angeles Business Council recently honored LPA architectural firm for their design of the WeHo Aquatics and Recreation Center at the 51st Annual Architectural Awards ceremony at the Beverly Hilton. The new 138,000-square-foot West Hollywood facility was recognized in the “Under Construction” category.

A press release states that the sold-out event drew top design and building professionals, as well as key government officials and civic leaders, to honor the best of L.A. architecture. Architect Frank Gehry, designer of many iconic L.A. buildings, received the group’s L.A. Community Legacy Award.

The Weho Aquatics and Recreation Center was designed to meet LEED Gold standards. It  anchors West Hollywood Park – a gathering space along San Vicente Boulevard that serves as home base for several annual events.

WeHo Aquatics and Recreating Center – Photo by Mike Pingel for WEHO TIMES

The design was recognized for its creation of 3.5 acres of badly needed open space for the city of West Hollywood with two pools with 3.5 million gallons of water 65-feet above a gymnasium and features a five-story sculptural grand staircase that will be a new gathering spot for the city. The facility reflects the city’s unique interests and aspirations, supporting everything from competitive dodge ball leagues to senior recreation programs.

“We are extremely proud of this project, which is the product of a long collaboration with the city and community,” said Rick D’Amato, Design Director at LPA. “The center will serve all aspects of the community.”

To make the design work on the compact site, LPA engineers designed a support system to support the multilevel building that spans two sides of the roadway. The final design removed the need for columns in the gymnasium and maximized the available land, helping to create more park space for the community.

The design also includes an interactive national AIDS monument designed by Daniel Tobin, an internationally renowned artist based in Brisbane, Australia, and a light-based art installation by Phillip K. Smith.

LPA collaborated with RIOS on the park’s landscape design.

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Jonathan Simmons
9 months ago

I am/was a swimmer … Was member of local WEHO AQUATICS for years ago. The exact dates can be pinpointed by photography. When I once had an awesome with bit lays tapering to a tight small waist. The old pool was perfectly fine for the years of the community swim group for exercise. THERE WAS ZERO NEED TO REPLACE OR EVEN DO ANY SIGNIFICANT REPAIRS. TO PUT IT ATOP ANOTHER HUGE NEW PARKING LOT STRATEGICALLY PLACE IN WEHO AS FAR FROM THE LOCATIONS THAT ACTUALLY DO NEED MORE PARKING. SO WHAT, OUR HARD WORKING PARKING ENFORCERS WILL HAVE TO GET… Read more »

9 months ago

Us ordinary citizens wouldn’t know anything about this project except that West Hollywood park has been closed for 5 years and we pay be highest sales tax in the country to pay for this beautiful folly behind a fence.

Last edited 9 months ago by :dpb
Jonathan Simmons
9 months ago
Reply to  :dpb

See above. When the blog WeHoVille was created and funded by & controlled content by our elected officials, all need coming out of WeHo to our surrounding neighborhoods & L.A. was quashed and any Google search of WeHo issues ONLY TURNED UP “NEWS” BY WEHOVILLE AND ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER SOURCE.