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    ‘We Need Them’ – O.J. Simpson on Defunding Police in West Hollywood

    O.J. Simpson (yes, THAT O.J. Simpson) took to his Twitter account today to chime in on what everyone is talking about this week, which is the City of West Hollywood voting to defund the West Hollywood Sheriff’s department earlier this week at a regular city council meeting on Monday, June 27, 2020. O.J. flatly says it’s wrong and has some of advice for the West Hollywood City council from someone who admits to spending some time in an institution.

    “Trust me. We need them!” Reads a caption of a video selfie time-stamped 7:39 AM · Jun 29, 2022.

    “Hey Twitter world, it’s me, yours truly,” he said. “Well, a lot of things have taken place yesterday. I see in Los Angeles, they voted to defund the Sheriff’s Department, huh? I think that’s all wrong. You know I spent a little time in one of our institutions, and trust me, we need police. We need Sheriff’s Department. I always said they should just re-direct some of those funds to better training. I always said to expand the I.A., the Internal affairs, the police who investigate the police, but defunding the police as a whole, or the Sheriff’s Department as a whole–no.”

    To listen O.J. Simpson share his thoughts on other hot topics this week, like the January 6 hearing, click on the Twitter link below.

    A motion made by Mayor Pro-Tem Sepi Shyne to reduce five West Hollywood Sheriff deputies within the next nine months, passed (3-2) during the City Manager’s proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The motion, seconded by council member John D’Amico, will reduce two sheriff deputies in 90 days and an additional three deputies in six months. The motion also adds 30 unarmed Block by Block Ambassadors and an additional entertainment policing team to the streets of West Hollywood. Council member Lindsey Horvath proposed the cut of the five Sheriff’s positions. Mayor Lauren Meister and council member John Erickson voted no on the motion.

    The defunding of West Hollywood sheriff’s has made headlines across the country and as far as the UK’s Daily Mail, many publications pointing out the city’s rise in crime and expenditures on items like the recent installation of progress flag crosswalks and adding $14,000 to a Russian Arts festival.

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    Paulo Murillo
    Paulo Murillohttps://wehotimes.com
    Paulo Murillo is Editor in Chief and Publisher of WEHO TIMES. He brings over 20 years of experience as a columnist, reporter, and photo journalist. Murillo began his professional writing career as the author of “Love Ya, Mean It,” an irreverent and sometimes controversial West Hollywood lifestyle column for FAB! newspaper. His work has appeared in numerous print and online publications, which include the “Hot Topic” column in Frontiers magazine, where he covered breaking news and local events in West Hollywood. He can be reached at editor@wehotimes.com


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    8 months ago

    Thanks rapist-murderer…..who asked you???

    8 months ago

    It’s pretty bad that the Brentwood Butcher understands what the city council of west hollywood does not,. we need the sheriffs. There is a surge in crime. Guys on bikes don’t cut it. Listen to the citizens of this city…we do not want to defund the police. That is all you…and you are totally out of touch with the citizens you represent.

    9 months ago

    OJ knows we need law enforcement to prevent crime.

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