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    HomeCultureWallspace in West Hollywood Presents 'Pieces of Me' by Jakki Jandrell

    Wallspace in West Hollywood Presents ‘Pieces of Me’ by Jakki Jandrell

    Wallspace gallery presents solo show “Pieces of Me” by abstract artist Jakki Jandrell. There will be an opening reception on Thursday, September 29, 2022, 7pm – 9pm, at 7701 Santa Monica Boulevard. The show will be on view through October 22, 2022. Entry is free (call or text 323-930-0471 to RSVP).
    Jakki Jandrell (Jacqueline Jandrell) is a self-taught abstract artist whose natural and visceral depiction of human emotion is conveyed through her creative process; the struggle between the physical act of creating and the canvas.


    “Pieces of Me” is a collection of works created with color and a raw texture which bear witness to the canvas becoming the physical expression of her own emotions, these works created over the pandemic period and earlier reflect the essence which is central to Jacqueline’s practice.  It is her intention to break free from social expectations and let go of the obsession with perfection, allowing the viewer to gain an insight into the workings of her mind. Her artwork allows her to have some sense of control within this artistic field, as she gets to decide on each brush stroke, color choice, the texture, the use of negative space and the freedom to play. What drives her is the journey through the process to find enjoyment and acceptance for herself.

    In her early twenties, Jacqueline was drawn to painting as an outlet to express herself. She was born in South Africa, raised in England where she eventually moved to Los Angeles to peruse acting. This opened the door to a whole new creative world. Having continued to paint alongside acting, Jacqueline continues to embrace her artistic career.
    Her works consistently reflect a sense of solace, even in her abstract chaotic colorful paintings that happened during covid share a sense enlightenment.

    “All I want to do is stop thinking and express myself. The day-by-day fight for some form of contentment, that is what I am exploring. I often find it difficult to articulate in words how I truly feel, especially in an environment with constant criticism and rejection art allows me to express myself cathartically and stay connected to who I am. My artwork is just an extension to different parts of me.”

    To learn more about Jakki Jandrell, visit https://www.jacquelinejandrellart.com/

    Wallspace is a dynamic art gallery now based in West Hollywood, California exhibiting LA based abstract, contemporary, & street artists. Founder and Director  Valda Lake shares, “ We are very excited about finding new visions and contributing to the launch of careers whilst also representing more established artists. We regularly presents programming centered around women creators, gay, queer , BIPOC and emerging talent within art shows, art fairs and public art projects”. WALLSPACE roster is comprised of 50% women artists and 50% gay, queer artists.”
    Most notably, WALLSPACE Public Art works includes installations for The City of West Hollywood on Route 66 with neon artworks by artist Scott Froschauer.
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    Angry Gay Pope
    Angry Gay Pope
    1 year ago

    As a Disney artist that is what we call “chimp art.”

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