Translatin@ Coalition Introduces #TRANSPOLICYAGENDA – A First-of-its-Kind Roadmap to Save Trans Lives


Today, the first #Transpolicyagenda by and for transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex (TGI) people of color, was released by the TransLatin@ Coalition (TLC), a leading national advocacy organization and direct service provider to TGI people in Los Angeles. They will be discussing the agenda in depth at the Policy Agenda Launch and Reception tonight at 6 pm in the California Endowment, located at 1000 Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

The agenda highlights six key needs in the TGI community, particularly for TGI women of color: (1) educational access & research justice, (2) economic stability & housing equity, (3) holistic and accessible universal health care & bodily autonomy, (4) ending policing, state violence & criminalization, (5) decriminalizing migration & global trans rights and (6) gender justice & identity autonomy.

Bamby Salcedo President and CEO of TLC

“This #TransPolicyAgenda is not just a product of love, but a product of the resilience
that exists within our community, said Bamby Salcedo, President and CEO of TLC. We fight to be treated with dignity by a society that is constantly telling us that we are not worth it, that we are not supposed to be part of decision-making process, and that we are not able to design the architecture of own lives. We understand that in order to change the landscape of our lives and the lives of the people we love, we must build our #TransPower.”

TGI people are uniquely impacted by a high murder rate, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, mental illness, trauma, unemployment, a severe lack of resources and limited advocacy centering the struggles of the community. To improve and save TGI lives, TLC hopes to form a direct line of communication between policy makers, government and federal agencies and the TGI community.

TLC hopes that legislators, stakeholders and private individuals will use the agenda as a resource and roadmap for advocacy, community organizing, and policy-making here in California and across the country.

The #TransPolicyAgenda was informed by data collected from their statewide survey, in-person strategy sessions, community conversations, past reports, impacted friends and family, in-depth research and advocate input.


Members of the Tranlatin@ Coalition are transgender Latina leaders who come together from across the country to organize and advocate for the issues and needs of the trans-Latina community in the United States. The TransLatin@ Coalition is not only the voice of Trans Latin@s in the U.S., but also a fierce advocate for the broader TGI community as a whole.

The mission of TransLatin@ Coalition is to advocate for and meet the unique needs of the Trans Latin@ community. TLC is the only organization and direct service provider in Los Angeles founded on the activism of transgender Latin@ Immigrants. They work directly to address the needs of TGI people while planning strategies to improve their quality of life.

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