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    Tierra Del Sol Gallery Celebrates Grand Opening in West Hollywood

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    West Hollywood Mayor John Erickson, Vice Mayor Chelsea Byers, City Staff, and City Board Members and Commissioners joined the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in welcoming Tierra Del Sol Gallery to the City of West Hollywood on Thursday, February 15, 2024, with ribbon-cutting ceremony.

    The city presented CEO Rebecca Lienhard, Gallery Director Paige Wery, and a large group of staff, artists, and supporters with a Certificate of Recognition for their grand opening, while the WeHo Chamber presented the gallery with a traditional Buck for Good Luck to wish them success in West Hollywood.

    Tierra Del Sol Gallery Celebrates Grand opening – WEHO TIMES
    Tierra Del Sol Gallery Celebrates Grand opening – WEHO TIMES
    Tierra Del Sol Gallery Celebrates Grand opening – WEHO TIMES
    Tierra Del Sol Gallery Celebrates Grand opening – WEHO TIMES

    “It was great coming out and supporting our amazing business community,” said Mayor Erickson. “Tierra Del Sol Gallery is just incredible. The number of artists that they have here, that they are highlighting and featuring is amazing. It is a beautiful space, so to come here and welcome everyone into our city is really exciting.”

    Gallery Director Wery and Gallery Manager, Zoë Blair-Schlagenhauf answered some questions in light of their newly open gallery on Route 66.


    It was exciting to see your gallery opening on the East side of West Hollywood! Why don’t you start by telling us a bit about the Tiera Del Sol Foundation and how it led to this gallery?

    The Tierra del Sol Foundation is a nonprofit founded in 1971 that champions inclusion and value for all individuals with disabilities through creative pathways to employment, education, and the arts. 

    Tierra del Sol gallery director Paige Wery previously represented Tierra artists at her commercial gallery in Chinatown before joining the foundation and launching Tierra del Sol Gallery in 2019. Our gallery exclusively represents the 140+ artists making art in Tierra’s innovative studios. Just like a traditional gallery, 50% goes to the artist, and 50% goes back into the foundation, which supplies studio space, career support, and materials for artists to craft their work. Since the gallery’s founding, Tierra del Sol artists have been acquired by notable public and private collections like the Museum of Modern Art in New York City or the Kleefeld Contemporary Museum at CSU in Long Beach. In addition to our yearly on-site programming, we’ve debuted artists at NADA Miami, Frieze, and the Felix Art Fair, as well as had works by our artists acquired at the yearly benefit event “Incognito,” hosted by The Institute of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. 

    The aim of our gallery is to launch Tierra del Sol artists into the contemporary art scene. Under the leadership of gallery director Paige Wery, Tierra del Sol is shaping the landscape of diversity and equity in the commercial art world at large museums, and arts institutions, as well as through collaborations with production companies, brands, and more.

    What’s the gallery’s history with the City of West Hollywood? How did you decide on our city to house the gallery?

    The purchase of Tierra del Sol’s new gallery in West Hollywood was largely made possible through a generous gift from The John Gogian Family Foundation. We had been in the market for a larger, more accessible gallery space for a long time, and we were finally able to achieve that dream thanks to the John Gogian Family Foundation. We strategically chose West Hollywood to position our artists alongside other important local and international galleries with outposts in the neighborhood, such as Karma, Nino Mier, François Ghebaly, Jeffrey Deitch, Regen Projects, Tanya Bonakdar, and Hauser & Wirth. Our new location allows Tierra artists to exhibit work next to some of their best-known peers in the global art scene. 

    Our new West Hollywood gallery is twice the size of our prior Chinatown space, enabling us to expand the possibilities for our artists in this new neighborhood. With this larger space, we were able to open a gallery shop to activate works by more artists during exhibitions. You can shop in-person or online!

    How do you feel the uniqueness of West Hollywood as a city serves the gallery’s goals/mission?

    West Hollywood is home to a diverse range of individuals, and their response to the opening of our gallery has been overwhelmingly positive. We love being in a neighborhood that loves art. We are thrilled by the warm welcomes we’ve received from residents, business owners, and organizations in this close-knit community. 

    What are your plans for 2024? How many shows are you planning and will you be hosting other events?

    Our gallery hosts 6 onsite exhibitions per year. Our programming is comprised of a mix of group and solo shows, including an annual exhibition at the end of each year that features work by all 140 Tierra del Sol artists. We also participate in several art fairs and organize offsite exhibitions with a range of institutions across the United States.

    Our current exhibition, Vicente Siso: Memories of the Land & Water, is on view through March 3. From February 28-March 3, we will be exhibiting works by Tierra del Sol artists Marlena Arthur, Aura Herrera, Herb Herod, and Joe Zaldivar at the Felix Art Fair at the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Visit us in room #1235!

    Our next exhibition is a group show titled “Planet Abstract,” which opens on Saturday, March 9, with a reception from 6-8 pm. All are welcome to attend! “Planet Abstract” is guest-curated by Tierra del Sol artist Bill Marshall and explores abstraction through non-objective works by Marlena Arthur, Manuel Guerrero, Bill Marshall, John Peterson, and Ivan Saucedo. 

    Who is your targeted audience?

    Our target audience is anyone who is moved by art. Our gallery represents a diverse array of artists, from painters to sculptors to textile artists and many more in between—there’s something for everyone at Tierra del Sol. We strive to keep our price point accessible so that the average person can afford to purchase work and grow a cherished collection of art. Anyone in the world can shop for and purchase artwork from our online store.

    Weho is an event city – this year, we will have a Ciclavia with Santa Monica closed and cyclists, walkers going right past your door! Will you plan to be involved in this event or others like Pride or the Halloween Carnaval?

    As newcomers to the neighborhood, we are still exploring everything this city has to offer and are making plans to align our programming with the diverse range of events taking place in West Hollywood throughout the year. Our organization welcomes collaboration and we are very excited about several prospective projects, announcements forthcoming.

    What prompted you to join The WeHo Chamber and how will you be working with them as you navigate your journey in this city?

    When we joined the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, we weren’t sure what to expect, but their support has been instrumental in our smooth transition to the neighborhood. Chamber members and staff have supported our gallery by attending openings and visiting during regular hours, and we are excited to host member mixers in the near future! 

    How are you selecting the artists you showcase and how might our residents seek representation or involvement with you?

    Tierra del Sol Gallery exclusively represents artists working in Tierra del Sol’s studio arts program. All of the 140+ artists in our program are matched with Tierra del Sol through Regional Centers. Regional Centers contract with the Department of Developmental Services to provide or coordinate services and support for individuals with developmental disabilities. 

    The foundation is always looking to recruit volunteers and hire artist mentors. If this interests you, learn more about opportunities at Tierra del Sol here.

    Congratulations on this ribbon cutting and wishing you the greatest Weho Experience!

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    Catherine Eng
    Catherine Eng
    Catherine Eng is a long time resident of the City of West Hollywood. She currently serves as a West Hollywood Business License Commissioner, was a journalism major, and is a supporter of Weho Times @thedamecat


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    Catherine Eng
    Catherine Eng
    4 months ago

    I was so happy to see this gallery open on the East Side and I’m thankful that I was able to interview them for this platform- thank you WehoTimes for highlighting yet another new east side business

    4 months ago

    Fantastic! I wish them great success.

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