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    Three-Car Collision on Santa Monica Blvd is a Reminder to Mind the Road

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    A three-car collision shut down the left late of Santa Monica Boulevard heading east, at the San Vicente Boulevard intersection. The accident happened at roughly 3:30pm Wednesday afternoon. It appears one car slammed into one car, and that car hit the car in front of it. One person appeared to have suffered minor injuries.

    LA County Fire Department and West Hollywood sheriff deputies were on the scene for assistance.

    Three-car collision on Santa Monica Blvd – WEHO TIMES
    Three-car collision on Santa Monica Blvd – WEHO TIMES

    The person was taken to a nearby hospital.

    The City of West Hollywood launched a campaign to “Imbibe Intelligently”, and “Drive Mindfully” in 2019. The Lawn and window sign campaign reminded drivers that “we’re all in this together” and to “look out for each other on the road” in the city’s efforts to improve driver, bicyclist, and pedestrian safety .

    Brief tips created around Pride month utilized a two-word main tip with a follow-up suggestion.

    Imbibe Intelligently tips are as follows:

    • Measure it: Set a limit and keep count of your drinks.
    • Control it: Just like fitness, make a goal to be responsible.
    • Eat it: A full stomach slows the alcohol down.
    • Hydrate it: Alcohol dehydrates, quench your thirst with water.
    • Pace it: Cultivate those cocktails by sipping, not gulping.
    • Pause it: Take a breath and enjoy the moment.
    • Switch it: For every drink, order a glass of H20
    • Reduce it: Opt for lower-alcohol alternatives.
    • Table it: Avoid salty snacks that make you thirsty.
    • Ride it: Set a designated driver or grab a ride share.
    • Leave it: Valuables are valuable, keep them at home.
    • Friend it: Buddy-up and look out for one another.
    • Protect it: Always practice safe sex.

    The Drive Mindfully campaign featured slogans that include:

    • Pass Peacefully: Sometimes we all have to go around.
    • Focus On The Road Ahead: Others are counting on you.
    • Visualize Your Turn Signal: Let others know where you’re trying to go.
    • Go With The Flow: We’re all trying to get somewhere.
    • We’re All In This Together: Look out for each other on the road.
    • Focus On The Journey: Don’t get distracted by your phone.
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