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    These LGBT Performers are Ready to Hit the Stage as LA County Reopens

    It has been over a year since the rapid spread of Covid-19 forced the planet into lockdown. Slowly and methodically National, State, and Local Officials have been easing lockdown restrictions as case counts have decreased and vaccinations of the general public has increased. Today April 15, 2021, California is poised to begin to reopen indoor entertainment, and LGBT performers across the state are ready to take center stage once again.

    California Department of Public Health released guidelines that allow indoor gatherings, conferences and seated live events to resume beginning today. Although the State has given the green light to begin reopening today, it will inevitably be up to Los Angeles County to determine when this will go into effect, and if any additional restrictions will be applied. As it stands indoor seated live events and performances including concerts, comedy shows, and theater will be limited to in-state attendees only and masks as well as physical distancing will be required by all attendees.

    Starting today venues will be able to open their doors at a very limited capacity. Currently the State of California is not requiring venues to have their guests provide negative test results or proof of vaccinations to begin operations. Though the venues who enforce this will be able to dramatically increase their capacity if they comply with these guidelines. Currently Los Angeles County is in the Orange Tier. Per the guidelines for Orange Tier if a venue has up to a 1,500-person capacity they will be limited to 15% or 200 people, although it increases to 35% capacity if all guests show proof of a negative test or proof of full vaccination. As a city we will soon see if venues will rely on this to fill more seats in their establishments.

    Over the last year of lockdown the city of WEHO has had an unprecedented amount of clubs, bars, restaurants and theaters close their doors for good. This has been a crushing blow to the patrons of these establishments as well as the performers and staff of these facilities. These establishments where not only safe havens for the LGBT community but were also staples in the city of WEHO. As we begin to open Los Angeles night life once again, we are given the opportunity to create new spaces, safe havens, and legendary nightlife.

    As the city lay dormant, and our favorite stages have collected dust the performers that made Los Angles the city it is today have been honing their craft and working on new material. It is important to showcase LGBT representation within our community as we move into a new generation of entertainment within our city. These entertainers are ready to dance, sing, play music and captivate audiences as the city eases restrictions and begins to fill venues once again. For those of you that are not prepared to re-enter public spaces yet these LGBT entertainers and social media influencers have strong online presence, so please follow them and enjoy their craft from the comfort of your own home. It is important to note that Pre-Covid, several of these performers helped shape Los Angeles Queer culture by running some of your favorite club nights including Club Shine, The Rainbow Social, and nights at The Globe Theater. As the lights begin to shine onstage once again these are the LGBT performers that you need to look out for.

    Cali Miles

    Cali Miles
    DJ, Social Media Influencer, and front runner of The Rainbow Social
    Imagine having the night of your life, filled with high energy music like Twerk, Trap, Bass House, and breakbeat, that keep the crowd jumping and vibing all night – this kind of night is every single moment of a Cali Miles performance. Originally making a name for herself in the Cleveland hip-hop scene in 2007, Cali Miles quickly became a recognized recording artist and emcee. Having toured the Midwest, opening up for Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs N Harmony, as well as performing at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, she is a beast on the mic and can work a crowd like no other.
    Check out her Twitch Where you can watch her ‘SparkleGangsta’ DJ set LIVE Sunday’s at 7pm pacific and is looking forward to performing LIVE as performance venues reopen in 2021.

    Laura Espinoza Make Believe Friends

    Laura Espinoza
    Musician, Playwright, and former head of Club Shine
    Laura is a 3x Emmy honored TV producer and the primary songwriter/guitarist for the critically acclaimed alt-rock band: Make Believe Friends (aka Lunden Reign) along with Mindy Milburn and Miranda Miller. Laura is also host of “The Rock Radio Show” on KBUU-FM, Malibu. She has recorded at Abbey Road, UK, Capitol Records, Hollywood and past live performances include LA Pride, Long Beach Pride, The Troubadour and The Whisky. With the music season starting to open back up, Make Believe Friends is anxious to get back on stage to showcase their new single “The Truth” dropping this summer. As an activist in the LGBT community, Laura (a transexual woman) has worked with former Congressman Barney Frank, and previously created & hosted the legendary transgender/lesbian nightclub, “Club Shine” at the Oxwood. You can hear their critically acclaimed original songs at: http://MakeBelieveFriendsBand.com.

    Candace Cane

    Candace Cane
    Dancer, Pole Performer, Burlesque, Social Media Influencer, and Coach
    Social media: @SweetMsCandace on IG
    Website: www.HigherLearningDance.com
    Candace Cane is a world famous pole performer, dance instructor, burlesque artists and all around entertainer. She also happened to represent the “B” in “LGBTQIA+”. Since moving to Los Angeles from Washington state in the 90’s she has trained with some of the most notable dance teachers and acting coaches, studying dance, voice, and musical theater throughout her school career. With over 7 years of pole experience and 20+ years of dance history she has quite the resume ranging from theatrical, commercials, live shows, and more. Candace’s passion for pole dancing and shaking her tail feather has landed her several gigs where she displayed her talents in live concerts for Snoop Dogg & Ashanti, movies such as “Dolemite Is My Name”, The Grammy’s, and music videos for artists like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj & Rae Sremmurd, Maroon 5, G Eazy, Ed Sheeran, Iggy Azalea & many others. Candace promotes a healthy, active lifestyle across her social media platforms and has been plant based since 2014. Her battle with Endometriosis lead her into advocating for medicinal marijuana & living your authentic life regardless of what troubles may come your way. Currently Candace is a resident Burlesque dancer at the dinner and show event at Next Door Lounge in Hollywood (reservations required).

    Miss Tosh

    Miss Tosh
    Burlesque, Designer, and Producer
    MissTosh.com | @misstosh
    BeautyofBurlesque.com | @beautyofburelsque
    Miss Tosh is the queen of Glitz and Glamour. The world renowned burlesque star, entrepreneur, designer, & producer is famous for her dazzling haute-couture burlesque performances, and stunning productions. Her presence has been one which cultivated and champions the contemporary beauty of LGBTQIA+, body positive and POC figures, while shattering the institutional white hetero-gaze which has long been so deeply rooted in the craft’s identity.

    Her latest presentation The Beauty of Burlesque, has been one which celebrates the glitz, glamour, and the precision of the art, which affirms that the dimensions of the performer do not fit rigidly in the parameters of yesterday’s performance. One thing is clear, the corsets are always going to cinch you in, the crystals will glimmer, and the performances will knock you off your feet.

    With theaters shutting down across the country, Miss Tosh transformed her traditional theater review into an immersive Drive-In Burlesque experience. An ongoing non-profit fundraiser that supports LGBTQIA+ charities and artist. Follow @misstosh and visit BeautyofBurlesque.com for up-to-date event schedules and tickets.

    For those of you that have been eagerly waiting to be part of the reemergence of Los Angeles nightlife, know that it will not be long now. Please be responsible and wear a mask, keep your distance from others, get vaccinated and comply with city as well as event space regulations. As you make your way back to event spaces keep an eye out for Cali Miles, Laura Espinoza, Candace Cane, Miss Tosh and follow their social media accounts. If you would like to know the most up to date information on Californian Covid Tier levels check out the Blueprint for a Safer Economy at https://covid19.ca.gov/safer-economy/.

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    Delia Rawdon
    Delia Rawdon
    Delia Danae Rawdon is an out and visible Transgender Actress, Writer, and Performance Artist living in Los Angeles with her wife and three children. Delia is the curator of Juggle for Wellness a team building empowerment workshop that aims to teach the basics of 3 ball juggling. She has a Bachelors Degree in Health Services Administration from St. Petersburg College. Delia is also a public speaker most recently having done a TEDx Talk at Ohlone College in San Francisco called Redefining Gender and Breaking Free from Gender Norms. A seasoned performer she has her own Buugeng Variety Act called No More Disguise, is an accomplished DJ, has performed in live Musicals and can be seen in TV Shows, Movies and Music Videos. Delia is a lifelong advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and strives to break through the social constructs and barriers that society has put upon us.
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