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    Stormy Daniels Apologizes for Her Rough Security at The Abbey WeHo

    It was a Stormy Daniels Day indeed on May 22. She was given keys to the city of West Hollywood and WeHo Mayor John Duran proclaimed that day Stormy Daniels Day; she did a meet-and-greet at Chi Chi LaRue’s where she sold hundreds of #TeamStormy shirts; and she was a special guest at The Abbey Food & Bar where owner David Cooley gave her a VIP reception—however, it turns out, there was no calm after the Storm when the former Trump mistress and porn actress left West Hollywood.

    Team Stormy left a trail of hurt feelings after fans were barked at, the press was shoved, and people felt cheated and some robbed by her security detail. According to reports her security and members of her team were rude to Abbey guests, walked out on their bar tab, stiffed their server of a tip, and they allegedly snatched the phones of bystanders taking photos and drove off without returning them.

    “Thank you to everyone who came out to see Stormy Daniels last night,” Cooley wrote on a Facebook post dated May 24, 9:36pm, “We were so excited to host her as we know many of you were. Stormy was a delightful guest and we would have her back any time. Her security detail was a disaster. They were rude to many of our guests, they were aggressive with several of our staff, they were shoving press outside and being generally rude. They also walked out on their bill and didn’t tip their server. This is not the behavior that we tolerate at The Abbey Food & Bar – West Hollywood. We’ve heard from many of you that they were taking your cell phones away. If your cell phone was taken by her security detail, please file a report with the West Hollywood Sheriffs immediately.

    The following day Cooley reported that her team apologized for the mishaps on the night of Stormy Daniels Day and they took steps to correct their wrongdoing.

    “I spoke to Stormy’s team today,” he followed up via his Facebook Timeline. “They apologized to me, my customers, my managers and my security team. I accepted their apology and appreciate the way they are correcting everything. Thank you to Stormy for helping to lead the resistance.”

    It is unclear if the confiscated phones were returned, or if police reports were filed. Below is a video posted by TMZ, showing her security driving off with a man’s cellphone.



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