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    STILL CLUCKING! Coco Queen WeHo Re-Opens After Closing for Several Weeks

    The Queen will continue to cluck in the city of West Hollywood. Coco Queen WeHo re-opened today to the surprise of WeHo residents who were equally surprised when the French Rotisserie Chicken eatery closed without notice, back in July 8.

    The small tables and patio chairs are once again neatly lined on the sidewalk against the front window of the restaurant located at 8700 Santa Monica Blvd., in the heart of West Hollywood. The dead plants have been removed from sight, and a small sign on a table reads “New Menu” to entice potential customers who are willing to give the chicken another try.

    Coco Queen WeHo owner Nathalie told WEHO TIMES that the restaurant is starting over. The “queen” took some time to regroup and re-energize and reorganize management after a rough start.

    “We apologize for the inconvenience for closing so soon,” she said. “We are back with great new recipes and our prices are much lower. The community spoke about the prices and we listened. It’s the same chicken, but not exactly the same recipe. We changed it a little bit. We shortened the menu and now you get a side included with your dish.”

    She said there was a reorganizing in management and a restructuring of how the restaurant will be run, which she hopes will set Coco Queen up for success.

    “It’s difficult running a business, period,” She added. “The rent is very high here, but you have to stay positive. You have to stay true to your vision. I love the community of West Hollywood. I love being here. We decided to start over and we want to welcome everyone back, so hopefully people will come back and give us another chance.”

    Nathalie says some customers are happy to see the restaurant has opened again, while other customers are upset that it closed without notice. She pointed out that when customers complain that the prices are too high, she’s more than happy to show them the new menu with new lower prices.

    “Coco Queen is open for good.” She added with a hopeful smile. “We pressed the refresh button and we are starting like new.”

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    4 years ago

    I had very delicious chicken tenders!! Glad you’re back!

    Bobby trendy
    Bobby trendy
    4 years ago

    I love yoo coo coo queen welcome back!!!

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