A Special ‘WeHo Emerging Photo Artist Award’ from Round Hole Square Peg LGBTQ Photography Show

AMANDA LEPORE Photo by Josef Jasso

A Special Recognition Award will be given to an emerging West Hollywood photographer by Chris Davies, Fabrik Projects Gallery Director and producer of the Photo Independent Art Fair.

Photographers, it’s your time to make your submissions for the LA Art Show with Phil Tarley Curatorial, The deadline for submissions to this visionary exhibition is December 20th.

The City of West Hollywood’s WeHo Arts Program, Phil Tarley Curatorial and Bert Green Fine Art Gallery present “Round Hole Square Peg 3” a juried, international photo competition and the first queer exhibition at The LA Art Show.  “Round Hole Square Peg 3” is an on-going quest for LGBTQ visual images to create a new wave of queer art and soul.

Photo by Braden Summers

Social Justice and Diversity is the incendiary theme of Round Hole Square Pegthe 1st LGBTQ Photography Exhibition at the LA Art Show.

30 photographers will be presented in the Burt Green Fine Art gallery booth at The LA Art Show. Best in Show will be selected by juror, Zackary Drucker, transgender artist, activist, actress, and producer of Amazon TV’s “Transparent.”  A curated Wall of Fame, showcasing current, top LGBTQ photographers will also be featured.

The LA Art Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center from January 10 to 14, 2018, now in its 23rd year, is the largest art fair on the West Coast with over 70,000 attendees.

The exhibition moves to the City of West Hollywood’s Long Hall gallery for a six-week museum-style show.

Early Entrant Photo By Ken Weingart

What is LGBTQ photography? Is it masculine? Is it feminine? Is it non-binary or gender fluid? Must we first redefine then design new images to reflect our changing society? Round Hole Square Peg founder Phil Tarley explains it as:


“The Q in LGBTQ stands for queer. It is an affirmation of the pride that we take in being different.  Queer identity is not simply a sexual one. Queer artists have a perspective and an experience to contribute to the society that is wholly our own and it’s a rich and worldly one.

Having been marginalized and alienated for so long has developed a unique view of self-worth, self-image, spirituality, and companionship. Perhaps because we have a different point of view, we can look at the world and mirror it back to the human condition with insight, style, glamor, and fun.

From Kenneth Anger to James Bidgood, to Arthur Tress, Herb Ritts, Mapplethorpe, Pierre et Gilles, Zackary Drucker, David La Chapelle, Katherine Opie, Mei Xian Qiu and Austin Young, queer photographers have branded their work with provocative celebrations of sensuality.

The world is changing for us–it was becoming a joyous place, but Dark Trumpian clouds are forming, threatening to sweep away our civil rights.

The religious right is ramping up its homophobic and transphobic attacks. By showing positive, sincere images that reflect our true queer lives, we can stay visible in a world that wants us to disappear.

Having a presence in front of the LA Art Show’s massive mainstream audience helps us defy and resist negative stereotypes. 

Ultimately, our photography triumphs over hate by showing the love and beauty in our lives.” – Phil Tarley

Alan Cumming photo by Tom Atwood


To Enter the Competition: http://roundholesquarepegshow.com



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Marco Colantonio is a longtime West Hollywood resident and community activist, former West Hollywood Disabilities Advisory Board member and founder/publisher emeritus of WEHO TIMES.
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