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    Singing Sensation Nikki Valentine Makes U.S Debut at Papa Party During White Party Weekend

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    Singer, songwriter, actress and The Voice Brazil finalist Nikki Valentine made her debut splash in the United States this past weekend at Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party Palm Springs weekend. She performed for the first time in U.S. soil at the Papa Party, which is the pool party that happens at the Renaissance Hotel on Saturday. Papa Party producer Eliad Cohen joined Valentine on stage at the end of her performance and the two turned it out with some thrusting and grinding that drove the crowd wild.

    WEHO TIMES was granted an exclusive interview with Valentine, who looked like she was ready to slay the gays in the desert. She was all decked out as a warrior princess with an American Indian headdress. She revealed that she could not contain her excitement to be performing on White Party Weekend.

    Nikki Valentine backstage before her debute at White Party Palm Springs

    How do you feel right now?
    Now that I see that everyone is having so much fun and they’re so open, I’m so relaxed, because sometimes I get nervous, but they’re energy is so up and I just want them to sing with me.

    When was the last time you performed before this?
    This is my debut in the United States. This is very special. This is not just one more show. It is the White Party. It is the biggest festival and it is my debut. And I’m going to be with my dear Eliad Cohen who I love so much. I’m so excited.

    Nikki Valentina makes U.S. Debut in Palm Springs – Photo by Paulo Murillo

    How does an event like this compare to a festival you might have in Brazil?
    You know, I love the energy. When you are in this kind of party and people are having fun. There is no limit. There is no Brazil, there is no United States — everyone is the same. You feel this energy and I’m excited. I can’t wait to sing for them.

    What was your reaction when they told you that you were performing at White Party weekend?
    I kind of died. I’m from Brazil, so this is huge. I was like, ‘No, girl. You have to do this. Lady Gaga and J-Lo have performed here.’ And then I thought OK, I’m going to be there. Then Jeffrey [Sanker] told me Kylie Minogue is going to be singing and I said, ‘OK, I’m going to drop dead.’ For me, that’s such an honor. Imagine to start my debut in such a big festival? I’m very grateful for Jeffrey doing this with me and Eliad and everyone.

    Nikki Valentine Performing at Papa Party – Photo by Paulo Murillo
    Nikki Valentina performs at White Party Palm Springs Weekend – Photo by Paulo Murillo

    What do you make of the city of Palm Springs?
    I love that, because in Brazil we don’t have. Everything is green and so tropical.

    Would you return to the desert on your own?
    We were driving from LA, I was like, I have to make a video here. I want to write a song just to make a video here. I love it. I love it. Everything will be hot and sweaty but it will look so beautiful. Like a movie.

    You look amazing. Who are the people that help you put all of this together?
    Actually here I kind of did everything. Back home I have a big team, but now I’m still building this. I do have my friend from Brazil and works with production and lighting and he’s my friend from Brazil

    So what are you wearing?
    I wanted to find something wild, but chic wild and he helped me choose it. I love it.

    So you were in The Voice Brazil?
    Yes. I was in The Voice Brazil in 2015. I was one of the finalist.

    Did you ever think The Voice would lead to all of this?
    It was insane. I was already doing my shows around Brazil. I was doing some shows outside of Brazil, but never in the United States. And when I started on The Voice, I never imagined that people all over Brazil would know me. When I’m here and I tell them I was on The Voice in Brazil, they are very excited because that show is huge and very amazing. It’s been a great experience.

    Eliad Cohen and Nikki Valentine at Papa Party during White Party Palm Springs – photo by Paulo Murillo

    The White Party three-day music festival attracts over 30,000 people of the LGBTQ+ community. Jeffrey Sanker has been cultivating this LGBTQ+ weekend long festival for the last 29 years. Over the years, Sanker has used the White Party stage to help popularize the careers of powerhouses like Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. Previous performers include Jennifer Lopez, Ke$ha, Mary J. Blige and more.

    For more on in information on the big weekend, visit: www.jeffreysanker.com.

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