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    Showtime Clothing and Chi Chi LaRue’s Were Robbed Over Weekend

    Showtime Clothing store located at 8915 Santa Monica Blvd., and Chi Chi LaRue’s at 8861 Santa Monica Blvd just less than a block away, were burglarized this past weekend. Both robberies occurred on Saturday evening but they do not appear to be connected at the moment.

    A witness tells WEHO TIMES that he saw a male suspect run out of Showtime at roughly 5 p.m. on Saturday holding a bundle of clothes. He had an electrical scooter waiting outside, which he used to get away heading north on Hilldale Avenue. According to a source the thief did not take any money. He grabbed some clothes and ran out of the store. The owner of the the store had confirmed the robbery to several sources, but does not wish to speak on the incident. A police report may not have been filed according to a representative at West Hollywood Sheriff’s station.

    We can now confirm that Chi Chi LaRue’s was burglarized about three hours later. Earlier reports state that merchandise and money was stolen from the adult entertainment store, however an employee working at the time of the robbery has confirmed that only money was stolen. The thief took cash from the front register and seemed to know his way towards the back where he took money out of a safe. The man was not armed, but the employee complied with his demands. He said he didn’t know who the man was. When asked if the employee thought it was an inside job, he would not confirm or deny the possibility. He stated that people keep making that assessment.

    Reports in the Citizen App state that the suspect was last seen running northbound on Larrabee Street from Santa Monica Boulevard at roughly 7:56pm.

    When asked for information on the burglaries of both retail stores, Deputy William Moulder stated that he could not find any calls to the locations in the past week and was not sure if the robberies were reported to police. It appears the Sheriff’s were not called on the incident involving Showtime Clothing store, but the employee who was working at the time of the robbery at Chi Chi LaRue’s says a deputy took his report.

    West Hollywood residents and businesses have expressed concerns about public safety issues regarding high profile grab and dash robberies at high-end boutiques and stores in the Greater Los Angeles are and throughout the State of California. There have also been a number of incidents in the City of West Hollywood where individuals have been targeted for muggings, as well as what appears to be an increase in violent crimes in the region.

    At the next West Hollywood City Council meeting later tonight at 6pm, West Hollywood City Council will consider increasing the number of Block by Block Security Ambassadors in the City’s business districts during the holiday season to promote enhanced community safety as more residents and visitors patronize the City’s commercial areas. The City Council will also consider reinstating the Entertainment Policing Team Sergeant and Deputy that were reduced in fiscal year 2020-21 due to COVID-19 budget reductions.

    Both retail store locations were open for business the following day without any further incidents reported.

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    11 months ago

    Someone please tell councilmember D’Amico. He believes that the rise in crime is in everyone’s head.

    Jamie Francis
    Jamie Francis
    Reply to  JF1
    11 months ago

    Really all the while he is going to national and intercontinental conferences and travels half the time let alone can afford that while other residents can barely afford to live in Weho. Businesses and people are targeted and have to be collateral damage. Wait until he is chased down the street or punched in the face by random people or people trying to corner you in order to escape on foot. I experienced that in the past 10 years. Maybe he is in denial or delusional that crime in indeed increasing in Weho.

    Dawn Lacey
    Dawn Lacey
    11 months ago

    Lol, yes, you just need more security “ambassadors”. That should solve the problem…

    Maybe call Lori Lightfoot for advice. She’s doing wonders in Chicago. Or Mayor Breed of San Fran-nasty. These liberal women leaders are doing phenomenally well! Oh! I almost forgot Libby Shiff over in Oakland. Heard it’s much safer there, too.

    These leaders need to buck up and refund the police.

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