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    UPDATE: Santa Monica & Fairfax Starbucks Coffee is Closing Permanently

    Plan your coffee run accordingly. The Santa Monica & Fairfax Starbucks Coffee #107 Located at 7901 Santa Monica Blvd is closing permanently. An employee has confirmed that it will close next week on Friday, February 6.

    The employee estimates that the coffee shop has been at that location for 12 years, “but the number of years could be longer,” he said. “It’s been open for a very long time and now it will be gone permanently. We don’t know what is coming to this space.”

    However, a former employee estimates that he helped open this location some time in 2000 and 2001.

    “I don’t know how this place has stayed open for this long,” said a man who says he’s been a customer at this location for the past six years. “I live down the street, so I can walk over here, but honestly, I don’t know where people park to come here. It is a terrible location for a Starbucks. I know they have a small space in the back and I guess you can park across the street at Whole Foods, but you’re not supposed to. It is located in a very hard corner on a busy intersection that makes it very hard to relax. I take it to go. Too bad it’s closing.”

    The Santa Monica & Fairfax Starbucks Coffee closed early today at 2 p.m. for an undisclosed reason. The sign at the door states that the closure is temporary and that they are re-opening again soon.

    The empleyee assured WEHO TIMES that this particular closure is not the permanent closure which is set to happen next week.

    When asked why this location is closing. “Take your pick,” he said. “There is the pandemic. We haven’t been very busy and people just don’t want to work.”

    It worth noting that there is a “We Are Now Hiring” sign taped to the main door at the entrance.

    To find a nearby Starbucks Coffee store, download the Starbucks app or visit Starbucks.com to find a store locator.

    Council member John Erickson reached out to WEHO TIMES to inform us that he learned the Starbucks at this location is closing because the company opted to not renew their lease, which was up this month.

    A representative for Starbucks did not get into the details of why it is closing, but did state that after assessing their various portfolios and looking at the needs of the customers and the community in that area, they determined it was best to close the store. “I can confirm that all of our Starbucks partners, which are our work employees working at that store will keep their jobs and we’ll relocate them to one of our other community locations, so they will all remain employed,” stated the representative.

    This piece was also updated to reflect that the Santa Monica & Fairfax location is actually closing on Sunday, February 6, 2022 and not on the 4th.

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    1 year ago

    Probably driven out of business by Erickson, Shyne, and Horvath!

    1 year ago

    Starbucks has been in that location since sometime around 1999-2000

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