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    Saltie Girl Seafood Bar is Coming to WeHo at Former Wahlburgers Space

    Saltie Girl LA Seafood Bar is coming to the City of West Hollywood. Originally from Boston Massachusetts, Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) has the seafood-driven dining bar listed to open shop at the former Wahlburgers WeHo space located at 8615 W Sunset Boulevard, where actor Mark Wahlberg (also from Boston) was part owner.

    Wahlberg and the company that represents him, Tinseltown Sunset had some controversy after their exit late last year and were sued by the tenant, Montgomery Management Company. Montgomery Management sought damages of at least $350,000, alleging Wahlburgers restaurant chain removed light fixtures, sinks, a walk-in cooler, and various other fixtures. The premises were left “un-tenantable” for the Saltie Girl LA.

    The lawsuit’s alleges that: When the new tenant Saltie Girl LA, LLC and its principals contacted [Tinseltown Sunset manager Robert Azinian] to offer to purchase the liquor license maintained by Tinseltown, Defendant Azinian threatened to remove more of the Fixturized Property and refused to sell the liquor license unless Saltie Girl LA, LLC and its principals paid exorbitant sums of money to Tinseltown and Defendants.

    It appears the companies worked out their difference. ABC lists Wahlburgers’s liquor license is transferring to Saltie Girl LA.

    Saltie Girl Boston, located at 279 Dartmouth Street, tells WEHO TIMES its WeHo location will open in September of this year.

    Salite Girl serves oysters, lobster, tins, and caviar. They have their signature wine. “Beyond curating one of the largest tinned seafood collection in New England, Sidell and McClelland prepare such dishes as fried lobster and waffles with sweet corn butter and spicy maple syrup and French burgundy snails,” reads their about page. “Chowder, bisque, an amazing raw bar, fried whole belly Ipswich clams and lobster rolls are on the menu.”

    The restaurant boasts a full bar featuring specially curated wines, beers and spirits. Their cocktail menu includes drinks like “Pineapple” – Elyx, lemongrass and citrus soda and more.

    To learn more visit https://www.saltiegirl.com.

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    1 year ago

    Shouldn’t his last name be spelled correctly as Wahlberg? Does anyone proofread before it gets posted? A simple Google search is so easy.

    Paulo Murillo
    Paulo Murillo
    Reply to  Curtis
    1 year ago

    Oh SNAP! Thanks for catching that Curtis. Wahlberg/Wahlburger – it was bound to happen.


    Good luck
    Good luck
    1 year ago

    While I hate to see empty store fronts and wish this new business luck, I couldn’t be less excited about a place serving snails and oysters.
    Not for me.

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