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    Q&A – Singer Jessica Carter Altman to Perform at The Troubadour West Hollywood

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    Singer Jessica Carter Altman is performing at the world-famous Troubadour, located at 9081 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, on Monday, June 17, 2024. In light of the recent release of her first full album, “Aftermath,” the singer sat with WeHo Times to chat about her music. She shares her inspiration from Lana Del Rey and some musical advice she takes to heart from her mother, actress and world-renowned singer Lynda Carter. “Aftermath” dropped today and is available to download in all music streaming platforms.


    I was introduced to your singing with your mother at the Catalina Jazz Club when you sang together on stage. Did your mother give you any musical advice?

    When we first sang together, she gave me a lot of advice. She would always preach about being a storyteller on stage and really connecting to the story of the songs to connect with the audience. But since I really started my own musical journey, starting with my first EP, she’s given me the space to find my own voice and the space to succeed or fail on my own. She goes to as many shows as she possibly can. I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

    Jessica Carter Altman and Lynda Carter performing at the Catalina Club – Photo by Mike Pingel

    When did you first get the bug to become a singer?

    I grew up performing. I think I joined my first chorus when I was in the 1st grade. I took every opportunity I could, such as joining a band or a show choir or being part of musical theater. It was always something I loved and something I wanted to do, but growing up in Washington, DC, it felt a little ridiculous as a dream. So, I just kept it there. It was a dream that I always had, and when I graduated from high school, I went to college. I thought, OK, well, I did well in school, let me go to Graduate School. My family on my dad’s side, they’ve all gone to law school and gone into business and academia. It was in law school that I started working professionally as a musician, and that dream that I had pushed down for so long came bubbling up, and I couldn’t put that genie back in the bottle. So, I knew when I was in law school that I wanted to become an artist and a musician and just needed to figure out when and how.

    When did you make your first move to pursue your dream?

    After I took the bar exam, I went down to Nashville, where I met my producer, and I started that journey of working towards my dream. Then four years ago, when my first EP came out, I decided that it was time to put everything I had into it. It was not enough for me to split my time between law and working in the studio or weekends touring. I really felt if I wanted this dream to become my reality, I had to put everything I had into it. So, that was the decision I made four years ago. Terrible timing for me because the world shut down, and we had a global pandemic, and a lot of life happened, but I’m so happy with taking that leap of faith.

    Aftermath is the compilation of the two EPS and some new songs. How does it feel to complete this amazing project?

    I wanted to create an album of original music, and that was my goal. To have that goal be reached feels amazing in so many ways. It feels like the culmination of the last few years. There’s a cathartic feeling towards it because a lot of those songs carry some of the happiest and saddest elements of the last few years. It also feels like a new beginning because now this is out in the world. I get to perform it and tour with it, so it’s the beautiful closing of a chapter and the beginning of a new one.

    Can you share more about what “Aftermath” means to you?

    I have this vivid imagery of post-apocalyptic scenes. The worst has happened, you feel your world has fallen apart, what do you do in the aftermath of some profound change? You can have any reaction you want, but you have a choice. You can fall apart, or you can rebuild, and life continues even when you feel like it shouldn’t, so you do have the power to make your own future whatever you want it to be. That’s what “Aftermath” means to me.

    Now you will be playing The Troubadour in West Hollywood which is where a lot of famous musical acts got their start. How do you feel about stepping on that stage?

    I will most likely be a little bit nervous, but I’m so excited. It’s such an iconic venue. The talent that has performed there over the years is extraordinary. I just feel so grateful for the opportunity, and I’m so excited. I couldn’t imagine a better place to celebrate my album coming out. The band that I’m going to be playing with, a lot of them are veterans of the Troubadour. They are all unbelievable musicians, and I just feel humbled and excited. I’m hoping to temper my nerves and just have fun, be in the moment, enjoy the crowd, and put on a great show.

    What is your approach to your musical craft. Now, do you write all your songs now and create the arrangements or and how does that? How does that happen to you?

    I really love collaboration in music. I think that’s my favorite thing that I get to do. I tend to be more focused on and have more enjoyment in the lyrics and melodies; those are my favorite things to work on. I just love being able to craft the lyrics, make them say exactly what I want them to say, and play around with that. So yeah, that’s really been my focus.

    Do you have a favorite song and is it the same song you like to perform on stage?

    I think that it always changes, particularly my favorite song to perform. Right now, I would have to say I’m most excited for “Flashback” to come out. We just made the video for it, and I’m so excited for it to be released. The song is really fun. There’ll be another version of the song coming out this fall, which will be acoustic. It’s just a fun song, and I love it.

    Another song I love is “Clumsy,” obviously because it’s connected to my wedding and falling in love with my husband, and it has a bit of self-deprecation because I am inherently clumsy.

    I also love “Fake It,” which was initially inspired by a law school class at the University of Michigan. To be able to combine both of those worlds is really cool. So, it wasn’t just one; I named three.

    Who has been your biggest musical inspiration.

    I am really inspired by Lana Del Rey. I think she’s an amazing writer. She’s got this beautiful voice. I think Griff is doing some really cool things with her music. Taylor Swift is obviously an amazing songwriter and an unbelievable performer. One thing I love to do before I perform is watch videos of Roberta Flack. She is so captivating. When she performed, she was always in the moment, never singing a song the same way twice; it was purely driven by the emotion and how she was feeling in that moment, which is so cool. Just a gorgeous performer. I’ve always loved Eva Cassidy. Her voice is just angelic. It’s too hard to pick just one. I feel inspired by all of their work. There are so many amazing artists out there.

    For upcoming concerts and music releases follow Jessica Carter Altman on Instagram @jessica.carter.altman

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