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    Q&A – Artist Korbin Beilski Speaks of New Exhibition in West Hollywood

    Last week we saw the opening of “A Celebration of Los Angeles: The Light and the Dark” by artist Korbin Bielski now showing at The Gallery at Circus of Books.  Korbin sat down with WEHO TIMES to discuss his exhibit, work, and his thoughts on AI. Korbin is a local West Hollywood professional photographer renowned for his captivating California landscapes, iconic Los Angeles scenes, and creative portraits.


    Mike: Thanks for taking time to chat with me. What do you hope viewers will get from you latest installation The Light and Dark?

    Korbin: I hope people will see my passion for photography art and Los Angeles / West Hollywood. I hope they also see that I’m multifaceted, or as some people say, a true Gemini (laughing). You will see my beautiful, bright LA landscapes, happy and fun, next to a girl in a neon ski mask smoking a joint. I have many interests and I’m not one to shoot just one thing or be one type of artist.

    How many pieces are there currently on display at The Gallery at Circus of Books?

    I have 22 pieces up in the gallery

    Korbin Bielski Exhibition at The Gallery at Circus of Books – Photo by Mike Pingel for WEHO TIMES

    What do you find your most creative outlet,  portraits or Art photography?

    I think shooting portraits is when I’m most creative. I started out shooting fashion and portraits and I love collaborating with a model. My new work will have all people in it  and it’s a mixture of my fashion work and architecture, so a fashion meets architecture vibe.

    What is your favorite piece being displayed at Circus of Books right now and why?

    It’s so hard to say which Is my favorite, but I would say the giant 40×60 print from my American Primitive series. The series is a comment on social media and the mask some people wear creating a digital facade and the mask is polygonal representing the digital age we all live in. She is nude because deep down we are all the same, skin and bones and it doesn’t matter how many followers you have. The zoo represents a more primitive easier time before the internet and social media.

    Korbin Bielski Exhibition at The Gallery at Circus of Books – Photo by Mike Pingel for WEHO TIMES

    Being a West Hollywood resident, what is your favorite thing about our city?

    I love living in West Hollywood. It’s very walkable and there are so many things to do. Some of my favorite restaurants and bars are within walking distance of my home. And I love being surrounded by gay people, I feel safe and comfortable being myself.

    Who or what has been your favorite photography subject?

    One of my favorite subjects was Joshua Tree and the Joshua Tree itself. It was during the pandemic and I had not been out there for many years. I went out during a 117 degree heatwave by myself for a few days and had a great time it was very introspective and meditative.

    Who would you love to have in front of your lens?

    Madonna! Although I just saw her concert and I was in the third row, so I have some incredible iPhone images of her. But a one-on-one would be the ultimate for me.

    Korbin Bielski Exhibition at The Gallery at Circus of Books – Photo by Mike Pingel for WEHO TIMES

    What is your inspiration for any of your art photography work? 

    My inspiration is always changing. Like I said my next product will be fashion meets architecture. And the city of LA inspires me as well.

    What is your thought about AI in photography? 

    I’m okay with AI as long as people are honest about the image being AI. I have actually seen some really incredible AI images and I may dabble in it myself.

     Where can people find you online?

    You can shop my photos at korbinbielski.com and find me on Instagram @korbinbielski

    Korbin Bielski’s exhibition will be running till from April 18 – May 18 2024. The Gallery @ Circus features the works of LGBTQ+ Artists worldwide.  Art is located at both galleries. Circus of Books East at 8230 Santa Monica Blvd and Circus of Books West at 8861 Santa Monica Blvd.

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