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    Power Outages Leave WeHo Areas in the Dark this Evening

    Electrical power outages left a large part of West Hollywood in the dark this evening with a blackout stemming from WeHo’s Boystown area and snaking down Santa Monica Boulevard past Kings Road. The outage closed a lot of WeHo businesses early and there were huge traffic jams on Santa Monica Boulevard due to non-operating traffic lights, while some blocks were not affected by tonight’s electrical short.

    Residents report that the outage happened around 7:50pm and electricity didn’t come back out until around 8:50pm and the power went out again for a few minutes around 9:58pm. There have also been complaints that there have been more power outages than normal throughout the week. On Saturday, February 16, 24-Hour Fitness was closed all day due to the power maintenance in select areas in WeHo’s Eastside. 24-Hour Fitness was not affected by the power outage this evening.

    The city announced that starting this month, The City of West Hollywood would be enjoying the advantages of clean, renewable power at competitive rates. Clean Power Alliance is be the new electricity provider for the community. As part of the City’s commitment to protecting the environment and building resiliency, the West Hollywood City Council selected 100% Green Power, which provides 100% renewable energy, as the default option for the community. Customers will have the choice to opt-in at a different renewable energy percentage or may opt out of the program and stay with Southern California Edison (SCE) if they wish to do so.

    Clean Power Alliance is a public agency made up of 31 local governments across Los Angeles and Ventura counties, including the City of West Hollywood, working together to bring clean, renewable power choices to communities across Southern California. The City of West Hollywood joined the Clean Power Alliance in September 2017 in anticipation of delivering services in 2019. Clean Power Alliance purchases clean power and Southern California Edison (SCE) will deliver it — nothing else changes about the delivery of electricity. SCE will continue to deliver power to homes and businesses, send one bill, and will continue to be responsible for resolving any issues with electricity service.

    A source at First, Clean Power Alliance contacted WEHO TIMES to clarify that Clean Power Alliance is not responsible for transmission maintenance or outages. Clean Power Alliance buys the energy that SCE delivers.

    “We’re sorry to hear that West Hollywood residents experienced a power outage recently,” CPA posted on our Facebook page. “This seems to occur more often during times of high winds and rain. However, all transmission outages are solely under the purview of Southern California Edison. Our customers should always call them when there are power outages in the future. Clean Power Alliance purchases energy, while Southern California Edison delivers energy and maintains transmission lines.”

    This article was updated to reflect the response by Clean Power Alliance.


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    3 years ago

    This is the second time in two weeks business hours were effected or lost.

    jimmy palmieri
    jimmy palmieri
    3 years ago

    I feel very fortunate that my block hasn’t been hit by the two outages in the last month or so. I do however keep flashlights everywhere in my apt. I have 6 with rechargeable batteries, thanks from the recommendation of a safety commissioner. You can get cheaper ones at the dollar store. They should, I have been told, be part of your earthquake preparedness stash anyway.

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