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    @pinobydesign: Weekend Warrior – The Great Escape Edition

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    It’s important to get away as often as possible, even if its just for a weekend. At least once a month, I plan a trip to get the F$%K out of town. Personally it’s important for my sanity. It helps to just regain focus and direction when you remove yourself from the constant distractions of living in a cosmopolitan city. Whether it’s a two-hour drive or a two-hour flight, it’s the same as going anywhere in Los Angeles. My minimum commute to the Grove for Christ sakes will be at least 45 minutes, and I only live four miles away from that God forsaken tourist trap of an outdoor mall. So for me a two-hour flight is great. It even allows for a little bit of time to decompress and reset your mind frame.

    Packing is one of my favorite parts of traveling. I literally have a fashion montage in my apartment and photo catalog all of my outfits, so I remember how I envisioned each look. Now I have to admit that I am a consummate over-packer. One night, two days, a weekend, and God forbid, a week-plus of travel, the more days i’m away, the higher the suitcase stacks get. Although the people around me may think I’m doing the most, it still doesn’t stop me from living my best life everywhere I go. I need to have options, what if it rains? what if someone wants to fly me across the world? My friends won’t think all my overpacking is so silly then, now would they? With that being said, here is my advice when packing for a great escape:

    – Two outfits per day. I like to have something to wear during the day and a cute outfit thats appropriate for either a night out, or a nice dinner. Lets face it, we usually don’t want to spend the entire day in the same clothes, unless you’re really feeling that fierce outfit you’ve been in since 8am. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably end up shopping and adding even more to your already jam-packed suitcase, but thats okay, you’ll still find a way to make it all fit

    – Photo cataloging your outfits for each day is always a good idea. You’ll already know how that shirt and those jeans are going to fit. So there wont be any surprises when you get to your destination and realize you’ve either A} had one too many burgers this week, or b} that the Orange Theory workout you’ve been killing yourself doing, is really showing results because those, once to tight to zip pants are now loose and you’ll need a belt. I like to always look my best when traveling. You just never know who you’ll meet on your “escape from reality” retreat.

    – Always pack at least one pair of dress shoes or dress boots, or in my case pack a different pair for each day you’re away, because as I stated in my first article, footwear matters. I like to always have a few comfortably stylish pair of sneakers for daytime adventures. Exploring cities alone is the best, so comfort is a must. Although, I’ve also been known to explore a city in boots that aren’t so orthopedic. I personally live by the motto, live in pain to die in style. If a bus is going to take me out, my splatter print better be fierce.

    – Take a stylish tote or backpack with enough room to pick up any little trinkets or purchases. I also have a little bag with my city survival kit that i like to keep with me. It’ll also help you look more like a native than a visitor. I keep a little bottle of water with me, so I don’t get too dehydrated exploring the concrete jungle I’m in, oh and also carry a battery pack, because if your phone dies, you die, or at least thats how those of us who are slaves to our phone feel.

    – Depending on what type of climate you’ll be in, be sure to pack appropriately. If you’re going to be in the heat be sure to take a couple pairs of swimsuits, both a family appropriate pair and whatever you deem sexy. Some places have restrictions with types of swimwear you can wear poolside. Pack a cute clean pair of flip flops or sandals for them as well.

    – Outerwear is important also. Again, depending on climate, I like to pack a denim jacket and always take a sleek leather jacket. If you’re flying, the Plane will be cold, so make sure to wear that on the plane. A leather jacket comes in handy if you’re going out to dinner. You can drape it over your shoulders like a cape or actually wear it. It can liven up a drab shirt with ease. A light sweater or cute windbreaker is also a great addition or alternative to denim.

    I hope that you find this helpful or at the very least entertaining. Remember if it’s not on social media, it never happened. Just a friendly reminder, don’t forget to check the weather before your trip to see if you’ll need an umbrella. If you read, pack a book, if you write, take a notebook–something you’ve been wanting to delve into with no distractions. Life is meant for living, so remember, don’t let the city suck you in. Travel safe, live well. Join me on my style travels on instagram @pinobydesign.

    Anthony Pino

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    Anthony Pino
    Anthony Pino
    At an early age, Anthony Pino was introduced to fashion and style as a model for department stores and clothing brands. His mother was very influential in his early exposure to expression and creativity, making costumes for halloween, and always dressing him like her living Cabbage Patch doll (yes he’s that old) for outings. Those experiences would continue to inspire his creativity and expression through style. The ability to see an article of clothing or accessory and build an entire outfit around it is what he finds exciting. He considers himself a chameleon of style, using his unique eye to change any piece into something fantastic. In his search for stylish goods, Pino does not conform to the normative gender roles. Both men’s and women’s fashion are game. When he finds something that catches his eye, he immediately has a vision for it. The world is his stage and that's exactly how he sees it when he steps out the door. He also styles and does personal shopping for his clients. Follow Anthony Pino's personal style diary on Instagram under the handle @pinobydesign.
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