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    @pinobydesign – The Sock Shoe Review

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    As resistant as I was when the sock shoe trend first began, I will admit, I am now a subscriber. As Cardi B says, “I want those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks!”

    I’ve done some research on many of them; tried them on for size, shape, comfort and aesthetic. I had my goldilocks moments, and finally, just like when Cinderella slipped into her glass slipper, I found my favorite one. Unfortunately it did not come equipped with a handsome prince. That’s sold separately. Always read the fine print.

    I went hunting from high to low end. I reviewed a few but rated the ones I’ve tried on a scale from 1 to 10, taking into consideration all things I mentioned above. These are the results, may my insight guide you:

    Price: $595
    Rating: 5
    The only thing saving this shoe is the brand that created it. The branding on the back is really cool, but they are not comfortable. The sole of the shoe is a little stiff and the aesthetics of the shoe when the foot is in it, is weird. They’re like over-priced Vans. The top of the foot is too flat and it shows every detail of the outline of your foot inside the shoe.


    Price: $690
    Rating: 2

    Nope. thats all. Hate the fabric. Hate the design. bye.

    Nike Jordans
    Price: $170
    Rating: 10

    Nike. Jordans. nuff said! I mean, come on! Jordans never disappoint. I remember when they were all the rage in high school, back in the 90s. Guess what? It still hasn’t changed. These shoes meet all the criteria. They’re comfortable, fit like a glove and look pretty damn cool. They’re Nike, so you know they’re going to last a long time. No worries there. These are shoes you can be in all day long with no regrets or complaints, except for when someone steps on them!

    Price: $690
    Rating: 7

    These are just like the brand, classic and conservative. The design is great for that person who wants to pair them with slacks. They’re chic enough for work, and casual enough for the street. Personally, they’re not my style, but I can completely appreciate them. They’re very comfortable too. Well done Prada.

    Zara Sock Sneaker
    Price: $89.00
    Rating: 4
    I love finding great inexpensive pieces from Zara, but when you think of longevity its usually not the case. So if you’re just looking to get a pair of these trendy sneakers, and don’t have any expectations of these lasting a life time then these are your guys. Maybe you don’t wear sneakers often, and just want them for an occasional fashion moment. These could be a good choice, they’re not the most comfortable but they’ll get the job done.

    Alexander Wang x Adidas
    Price: $180
    Rating: 10

    Living for these, every single moment of them! Leave it to these two genius’ to create the perfect sock shoe. They’re chic, comfortable, and the fit is amazing. The top of the shoe arches like a normal shoe does, the sole is so comfortable. You could literally run a marathon, then go to Disneyland, then go out dancing and your feet wouldn’t even know any of it happened. Im not even exaggerating. They’re one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes i’ve ever owned.

    Y3 Sock Sneakers
    Price: $450
    Rating: 6
    There is something really cool about the way the sole wraps around the material of the shoe. They’re comfortable and easy to wear, but really causal in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, you could still dress them up with a sleek black coat and dress shirt, but for the price, I just think it’s too much effort to make them not seem casual. With that being said, Love you Y-3.

    Price: $795
    Rating: 10

    Aside from the assist from Cardi B, these shoes really are first class. I mean, I personally cant stomach spending that type of cash on them. If they were gifted to me I wouldn’t be mad AT ALL, but I’d rather spend that on boots or bag. These meet all the marks! You can get them in a plethora of colors, what remains true is that, they excel in comfort, shape and aesthetic. If you’re willing to go spend the money, it will be completely worth it. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    Maison Margiela
    Price: $580
    Rating: 2

    As with Fendi, these are just bad. The material feels like the moment you’re in these, the heat will accelerate. They’re too stiff, too tight, and show too much detail of the imprint of the actual foot. It’s hard pass for me.

    Vetements x Reeboks $880 Rating: 3
    I feel like these are just all wrong, I get that huge logos are back in style, and you want to blast it all over the place. I get it, we get it, but these are just ugly. I’m a product of the 80’s and these remind me of the font used for most of the futuristic cartoons that aired in that era. I don’t like how high the sock goes, the design of the sole, or that hideous print. Sorry, in this instance, don’t take your Vetements. It just misses the mark for me.

    Now that I’ve taken out the foot work for you, you can decide whether or not you want to join the sock sorority. Also, Let me address one little thing: wearing sock shoes does not mean you DON’T wear socks, you filthy McNasty! Honestly, do yourself a favor and at least try some on. They might end up being your new favorite sneakers.

    Anthony Pino
    IG: @pinobydesign


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    Anthony Pino
    Anthony Pino
    At an early age, Anthony Pino was introduced to fashion and style as a model for department stores and clothing brands. His mother was very influential in his early exposure to expression and creativity, making costumes for halloween, and always dressing him like her living Cabbage Patch doll (yes he’s that old) for outings. Those experiences would continue to inspire his creativity and expression through style. The ability to see an article of clothing or accessory and build an entire outfit around it is what he finds exciting. He considers himself a chameleon of style, using his unique eye to change any piece into something fantastic. In his search for stylish goods, Pino does not conform to the normative gender roles. Both men’s and women’s fashion are game. When he finds something that catches his eye, he immediately has a vision for it. The world is his stage and that's exactly how he sees it when he steps out the door. He also styles and does personal shopping for his clients. Follow Anthony Pino's personal style diary on Instagram under the handle @pinobydesign.


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    3 years ago

    Furla and Roberto Cavalli did their version too. Sadly they are not mention in the article.

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