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    @pinobydesign – The Fragrance Wardrobe

    Fragrance can say a lot about you, and sometimes it’s not all good. Most people have a signature scent, or their go to fragrance. I personally believe you should have scents that change with the occasion and the weather. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have one that you wear daily, but adding an additional layer could make all the difference in making it YOUR signature scent, instead of everyone else’s. Adding a spicier scent to a floral, or woodsy scent to a crisp fresh one really can bring it a new life. There are a lot of scents out there to choose from so I know it can be overwhelming when wardrobing. I like lesser known niche brands so that it’s not easily identified when I’m out in the clurb or sitting at a coffee shop.

    Here are my top go-to scents that usually help to ignite a conversation with strangers around me. I have met interesting people just from the scents I’m wearing. Strangely enough, it even helps with networking.

    Byredo – Palermo & Super Cedar

    My favorite combined scent when out and about on a day of play. Palermo has a bright and vibrant energy with notes of Sicilian bergamot and bigarade, while the subtle fresh rose, ambrette flower and skin musk help to add a subtle warmth. Adding Super Cedar to this scent just helps to ground this scent with notes of white rose petals, Virginia cedar wood and Haitian vetiver. It makes me feel as though I’m laying in a garden under a citrus tree taking in the beautiful day and enjoying a leisurely life, which usually isn’t the case, when running around the concrete jungle.

    Kilian – Vodka on the Rocks & Pearl Oud

    If you know anything about me the name of the first of these two wouldn’t surprise you that this perfectly named scent is in my collection. it was always my go to drink to escape the reality and pressure of the hustle and bustle of the city. I find this pairing to be a great date or sexy lounge ambiance scent to wear. Vodka on the Rocks has cardamom and coriander spices, Rose and lily of the valley with sexy leather undertones grounded by oak moss and sandalwood. Pearl Oud has an air of luxury in the name alone, so its not a surprise that they envelope each other perfectly. Saffron and black pepper keep in line with the theme of spices while the bright jasmine and rose soften the animalic blend of the Indian oud and patchouli creating an intoxicating and luring presence. Don’t say you weren’t warned when someone comes up and inhales you like a creep.

    Le Labo – Bergamote 22 & Thé Noir 29

    This is a hot stepping combo, these two separate are amazing, but together they’re epic and memorable. Its a perfect way to make your presence known at any daytime event, just prepare to be sought out by the sniffers. The order in which I layer these two makes all the difference. I start in the order they are listed so that the dazzle of Bergamote 22 doesn’t out shine the latter. With the freshness of petit grain, tart grapefruit, and dash of sweetness provided by amber and musk this scent really has a presence all its own. When adding Thé Noir which also has bergamot, the scent takes on a whole new life. The black tea, fig and bayleaves are a light but warm scent with cedar wood to ground both scents, making it fun and flirty.

    Acqua Di Parma – Mandorlo di Sicilia & Arancia di Capri

    The perfect gourmand scents for a coffee date or late brunch, which may cause you to be the dessert. Paired together these evoke a feeling of being in an italian café sitting romantically outside enjoying a nice cup of coffee with a suitor in a perfectly tailored suit. The Mandorlo sweet notes of almond and vanilla blended with bergamot, orange and star anise lends to that first whiff of a bakery door opening. While walking in you catch the appealing fragrance of the italian citrus in Arancia with combined notes of caramel and musk. Truly taking you to Italy with just the touch of a breeze.

    Jo Malone – Blue Agava & Cacao w/ Dark Amber & Ginger Lily

    Great for a day on the boardwalk, or just a casual day on the yacht. I’m reminded of being on the vacation in Puerto Vallarta. The crisp ocean breeze and an iced mocha in hand. The Blue Agavas notes of key lime, agava flower and cacao bean combined with the sensual smell of cardamom, amber, and black orchid in Dark Amber. Its like the soothing sounds of beach waves and the humid smell of the jungle around you. Crisp but ever present with a subtle reminder to take the time and enjoy the view.

    Just a little advice when wearing fragrances, do not rub them. spray them and let them dry down. Rubbing them will crush the scent. You need to allow the scent to wrap around the notes and mix with your body chemistry. Like your clothes and shoes, keep in mind it’s always good to mix and match. Go out and find your carefully crafted signature scent.

    Happy Hunting!

    Anthony Pino

    See you on the ‘gram @Pinobydesign

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    Anthony Pino
    Anthony Pino
    At an early age, Anthony Pino was introduced to fashion and style as a model for department stores and clothing brands. His mother was very influential in his early exposure to expression and creativity, making costumes for halloween, and always dressing him like her living Cabbage Patch doll (yes he’s that old) for outings. Those experiences would continue to inspire his creativity and expression through style. The ability to see an article of clothing or accessory and build an entire outfit around it is what he finds exciting. He considers himself a chameleon of style, using his unique eye to change any piece into something fantastic. In his search for stylish goods, Pino does not conform to the normative gender roles. Both men’s and women’s fashion are game. When he finds something that catches his eye, he immediately has a vision for it. The world is his stage and that's exactly how he sees it when he steps out the door. He also styles and does personal shopping for his clients. Follow Anthony Pino's personal style diary on Instagram under the handle @pinobydesign.
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