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    @pinobydesign – Great Style Starts with Great Skin – The Beauty Edit

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    It doesn’t matter what you wear, if you look like you’ve been out all night raging, then your outfit isn’t going to save you. When your skin is drab, not even Dries Van Noten will make up for it, but when your skin glows, so does your confidence. Your skin is the best investment you can make, so take the time to go in for a facial, get the proper skincare regimen and ACTUALLY USE IT!

    On a day when I wasn’t feeling so hot, I made a special trip to one of my now favorite places in Los Angeles, Natural Feeling Spa. My friend had been going on and on about this places forever, saying I had to go there and get a treatment. Being a natural born skeptic, I took longer than I’d like to admit to make an appointment, but let me tell you, the hype did not do it justice. Tucked away in the hustle and bustle of 3rd Street, off Crescent Heights, there it was, waiting to change my life.

    Natural Feeling Spa is a cute, quaint, niche boutique spa. Walking in, I was immediately greeted by two people, who somehow, magically felt like longtime friends. I know that places like this can be intimidating at times, but you wont find that there. They were warm, pleasant and approachable. I, as you might be able to tell, have an attention to detail, so I was immediately taken in by the waiting area and product displays. Everything is clean and comfortable, warm and well lit. Sprinkles of horticulture are all around the spa, even the carpentry that so perfectly fits all areas, are clearly custom made to suite the designer/owners aesthetic.

    I asked Skincare Guru, Adina Diaz, what was in store for me. I wanted to know about the concept of her spa. She explained to me she takes a holistic approach to skincare, by using products that have revolutionary technology and natural ingredients. She doesn’t want to just rub granola and mixed berries on your face, she’s not making an Acai Bowl, after all. Like most of us, she’s very conscious of the products she uses on herself and her clients. What she uses is safe, ecobeauty skincare that actually makes a difference on the skin. The least amount of chemicals, the better, but damn it! I’m going to need it to perform for me like damn circus monkeys. Her spa carries Lotus Moon skincare. It’s high performance skincare with corrective and preventative benefits. I can say I noticed a huge difference with just one use. I’m a huge skincare junky, so i can’t wait to replace my current skincare regimen with this brand.

    In a candle lit room with beautiful Tibetan chimes playing, I settled into a warm bed where my skin was be treated to the best experience of its existence. Before Adina starts your facial, she asks if there are any sensitivities or allergies she should know about.  A Palo Santo cleanse is where your experience begins, removing any negative energy you may be carrying. Then a few drops of digestible beauty vitamins are placed on your tongue to help with inner beauty and relaxation. There are many different types of treatment you can receive, but I got the full experience. My skin was steamed and stimulated by her magical hands with serum and elixirs. I was then baked with LightStim, a Red LED treatment that helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production. A Glycolic and microdermabrasion treatment were to follow with warm stones and crystal placed strategically to help open up my chakras. While in the care of a skin guru, you feel like you are transported to a whole new place; a Tahitian beach is where I was taken. Her soft, silky voice guided me through the entire process, feeling as though I was being spoken to from the skies before the change of the weather. It was a complete sensorial experience, that transported me to another reality. It was more than just a facial, it was a first class ticket to another physical plane. After my treatment I felt like I had a new lease on life. We said our good byes and I set off for the rest of my day.

    I walked in wearing designer and walked out with a custom one of kind piece, My own skin radiating at its brightest. My advice to you is, whether you have a current esthetician/facialist you swear by or have never had one before, you wont regret giving Natural Feeling Spa a shot. Your skin will thank you, and you’ll feel like a million bucks. Treat cho’ self, you deserve it.

    Follow me on the gram @pinobydesign.

    Anthony Pino @pinobydesign

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    Anthony Pino
    Anthony Pino
    At an early age, Anthony Pino was introduced to fashion and style as a model for department stores and clothing brands. His mother was very influential in his early exposure to expression and creativity, making costumes for halloween, and always dressing him like her living Cabbage Patch doll (yes he’s that old) for outings. Those experiences would continue to inspire his creativity and expression through style. The ability to see an article of clothing or accessory and build an entire outfit around it is what he finds exciting. He considers himself a chameleon of style, using his unique eye to change any piece into something fantastic. In his search for stylish goods, Pino does not conform to the normative gender roles. Both men’s and women’s fashion are game. When he finds something that catches his eye, he immediately has a vision for it. The world is his stage and that's exactly how he sees it when he steps out the door. He also styles and does personal shopping for his clients. Follow Anthony Pino's personal style diary on Instagram under the handle @pinobydesign.
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