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    Philippe Shangti Art Exhibition is Coming to Andaz Hotel West Hollywood

    A new art exhibition by Philippe Shangti is coming to the Andaz Hotel West Hollywood, located on The Sunset Strip at 8401 W Sunset Boulevard. The show will run from September 1 to September 30, 2023. Over 20 artworks of thought-provoking art pieces will be on display next month.

    Artist Philippe Shangti focuses on contemporary pieces inspired by France, where he was born in the city of Toulouse in 1983. After studies in this city, his fate moved him to Saint-Tropez at the beginning of the 2000s. Shangti’s buzz began when he started placing and exhibiting his art on the walls of trendy restaurants, hoping to catch the attention of those interested in his unique style. This initial and bold move worked, and he’s been noticed and respected since then as a creative and detailed artistic entity. Philippe Shangti’s art focuses on contemporary photographs, artistic concepts, and limited-edition sculptures. His work is exhibited in many countries in the best art galleries in Europe and the USA.  Constantly looking for new ideas and challenges, the artist also created special works featuring sports personalities, collectors, and their families. Currently, he collaborates with many luxury brands as part of the development of a range of products steeped with his art and his universe. With his experience, the artist organizes ephemeral private events on the international scene where he manages to recreate the artistic atmosphere he is immersed in, to carry the visitors away and intensely connect them to his artistic world. After living in St Tropez for more than 10 years, the artist wished to upgrade his career and decided to move his studios and all his teams to the Principality of Andorra where now he experiences a new energy.

    Andaz is a Hindi word meaning “personal style”. The Andaz Hotel celebrates the individuality of every guest and speaks to the uniqueness of their properties, each exhibiting its own distinctive personality to deliver an incomparable authenticity.

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