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    Owner of WeHo’s Teagardins Smoke and Vape Shop is One of Two Killed in Police Chase Car Crash

    Christopher Teagardin, 46, the owner of Teagardins Smoke and Vape Shop located at 8531 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, has been identified as one of two friends who were killed in a car crash in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley last night. According to reports, the Los Angeles Police Department was in pursuit of a suspect in a stolen pickup truck and the suspect’s truck slammed into the two innocent bystanders during the chase.

    The coroner and family members have identified the two victims as 46-year-old Christopher Teagardin and 49-year-old Timothy Schultz. Authorities declared the two men inside a Honda Civic dead at the scene. The victims were reportedly best friends.

    According to LAPD, officers were in tracking mode and had handed over the chase to their airship prior to the crash occurring.

    FOX 11 reports that the two were coming back from grabbing tacos down the street from where they lived when they were killed. They were on their way to pick up Chris’ car from a local U-Haul. They were on the side of the road when they were struck.

    Teagardin’s sister said he is the father to a son that just turned 18, while Schultz has a 16-year-old daughter.

    WEHO TIMES has received several messages from customers at Teagardins regarding the recent loss. “The Smoke shop is super popular with the community, and he was such a familiar happy face I feel so many of us have gotten to know,” said reader Cora Divine. “I’m saddened by the news.”

    “My heart goes out to the Teagardin family for the loss of Chris Teagardin,” posted Betty Slack. “His life was ended last night when a stolen vehicle being chased by police struck them. He was killed instantly upon impact. Chris was a good friend, a loving father, a caring, attentive son, and brother. Loved by all who knew him. He well be missed more than words can express…”

    An employee at Teagardins Smoke Shop expressed sadness for the loss of their boss. He said the business will continue to run in his absence through the support of other business partners who manage the store.

    The suspect who was being pursued has been identified as 32-year-old Oscar Delacruz. He was booked into the LAPD Valley Jail on a felony murder charge.

    There was a passenger in the getaway car who sustained injuries that treated on the spot. He was also taken into custody and has not yet been identified.

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    1 year ago

    I saw it in the news last night and had no idea there was a weho connection until I read it here. I don’t know anything about that smoke shop. This is very sad news for the family and the employees. I don’t smoke and I’m not sure if anything good comes out of these places, but I hope it stays in business.

    1 year ago

    Sad to hear about this tragedy.I am sure all the people mean well when they say they will continue operations at the Teagardins shop.Depending on city regulations and the shop’s business arrangement(who owns what, loans),the shop may have to close.

    If the shop is under single ownership,it will be a hassle to change over to other potential buyers.Probate will have to be started and it can be a pain in the ass as the process can go years.

    It sounds like this shop is well regarded by its customers.May Christopher Teagardin RIP.

    Reply to  hifi5000
    1 year ago

    That is a lot of speculation for someone who knows nothing about the business ownership.

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