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    Out & About with Mike Pingel at Everyone’s Favorite “WeHo Bistro”

    I was able to sample a few breakfast items. The restaurant serves breakfast all day long. The Croissant French Toast, which is made with a fresh croissant, eggs, and butter and is drizzled with their to die for caramel sauce. The caramel sauce is worth a dish all by it self, but it complements the croissant beautifully.

    The Quiche Lorraine with ham and swiss cheese was made with perfection. It’s light and not overly breaded–perfection.

    As far as sandwiches go, the French Club was a lovely three-layer sandwich on a brioche. It includes ham, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, and a hard-boiled egg with all the fixing, including the Weho Bistro harissa, seasoned homemade mayo.

    Photo by Huong Nguyen

    They have a fun area on the menu called “Shareables,” which includes the Cucumber Tatziki Tartine, a light, and savory offer. It is served on multi grain bread with black olives. It was just a festival of flavor.

    The Lamb Slider is a must if you love lamb. The burger is topped with cucumber, onions, tomatoes, lettuce feta and a Tzatziki sauce. Best lamb slider I have ever had, especially since it was the first one I have ever had!

    Bistro specialties include the Filet Du Chef. It is a masterful dish bursting with flavor. It’s a tender Prime grade angus filet mignon with the Weho Bistro secret green sauce straight from Pairs! This is a must try.

    WB Filet du Chef – Photo by Huong Nguyen

    I have to admit the one I kept coming back to, which made my mouth water was the Chicken Dijonaisse. It’s a free-range chicken smothered in an amazing dijon mustard sauce. OMG! I’m still thinking about it right now!

    The tour of taste came to a beautiful end with a fresh cup of coffee and Weho Bistro’s Homemade Bread Pudding with raisins and cinnamon. My suggestions–no, a MUST–is to save room for this warm piece of heaven! It is served hot and drizzled with vanilla and (their to die for) caramel sauce.

    Photo by Mike Pingel

    A few cool things to consider when going to Weho Bistro. The restaurant has 85 free parking spots with three levels that the restaurant shares with the CVS building. It is a dog-friendly restaurant. There are 69 seats in the restaurant. They offer new daily specials. They have a killer wine lists, created by Douek’s husband. “A lot of people come back because he picked allot of amazing wines,” he said.

    Photo by Mike Pingel
    Photo by Mike Pingel

    Weho Bistro located at 1040 North La Cienega Blvd at the corner of Holloway drive. It’s open daily from 9:30am-10:30pm. To learn more, visit wehobistro.com.

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    Mike Pingel
    Mike Pingelhttp://www.mikepingel.com/
    Mike Pingel has written six books, Channel Surfing: Charlie’s Angels & Angelic Heaven: A Fan’s Guide to Charlie’s Angels, Channel Surfing: Wonder Woman, The Brady Bunch: Super Groovy after all these years; Works of Pingel and most recently, Betty White: Rules the World. Pingel owns and runs CharliesAngels.com website and was Farrah Fawcett personal assistant. He also works as an actor and as a freelance publicist. His official website is www.mikepingel.com
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