ONE Archives Presents Yearlong Public Digital Art at Sunset Spectacular

NE Archives at the USC Libraries presents yearlong public digital art

ONE Archives at the USC Libraries is presenting a yearlong public digital art installation for the City of West Hollywood’s 67 foot billboard, the Sunset Spectacular, located at 8775 Sunset Boulevard, organized by ONE Archive’s scholar-curator Jeanne Vaccaro. The digital art installation will run from April 4, 2022 – to April 6, 2023.

Currently on view is an experimental animation by Aimee Goguen, called “Title Sequence” (2022). Born in Burbank, Goguen pays tribute to the classic cinema that shaped her queer youth in Los Angeles. Inspired by the exquisite corpse like exercises that helped her learn animation, “Title Sequence” isolates the fonts embedded in our cultural movie memory, making the title the main event and Goguen the star of the show.

Goguen’s work screens at the top of every hour alongside video by Cauleen Smith and Pipilotti Rist. Stay tuned for more presentations by Eve Fowler, Nao Bustamante, and Lukaka Branfman-Verissimo representing ONE on the Sunset Spectacular.

Designed by architect Tom Wiscombe, The West Hollywood Sunset Spectacular is a multimedia billboard for the 21st century. It is conceived of as four giant parts: three outer planes with a “tesseract” nested inside. The tesseract is tilted, seemingly oriented to align with something other than earth’s gravity; it intersects the outer planes, creating giant figural involutions. The entire structure is subdivided not into the sticks and panels of human scale, but rather into chunks resembling oversized puzzle pieces, each built to stack and assemble with little human labor. Rather than being defined by an entrenched architectural hierarchy of mass to detail, the project maintains a consistently low resolution relative to the human scale, as if it had been created by much larger beings. It sits on a ground that peels up off the land like a magic carpet, defining a discrete world nested within the city. The cornerstone of the Sunset Spectacular is Arts on Sunset, an ongoing public digital art project developed by Orange Barrel Media and organized by curator Diana Nawi.

Learn more on ONE Archives at the USC Libraries is presenting a yearlong public digital art presentation, visit:

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