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    New Video Shows Why Neighbors Love WeHo’s Detroit Community Garden

    The Detroit Community Garden, located in the heart of West Hollywood, 1201 N. Detroit Street, has become a haven for community members looking to connect with nature and fellowship with like minded community members with a green thumb.

    Founded by a group of neighbors with a passion for gardening, the Detroit Community Garden has grown into a thriving space where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to cultivate fresh produce and build relationships with one another.

    The garden, which spans over 1,000 square feet, boasts a wide variety of fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, and much more.

    A newly released video by Balanced Films shows community members expressing why they love the garden so much and how much the garden has flourishing since it opened last year some time during spring. “It’s the happiest place on earth said one gardner,” said one member of the space.

    “I love seeing this video featuring our residents enjoy our Detroit community garden!” Wrote West Hollywood Mayor Pro-Tem John Erickson on his Facebook timeline. “We need to continue to ensure we create these spaces for our residents to garden!”

    According to the City of West Hollywood’s website, The Detroit Community Garden has been set up to hold several garden plots that are leased to members of the West Hollywood community to grow vegetables, fruits and/or flowers for personal or family use.

    The Detroit Community Garden does not currently have any openings.

    How to be added to the waitlist:

    • Create an account on our registration system, Recreation Online.
    • On the Recreation Online Portal click on Activities and find and click Detroit Community Garden. You will see the number of people on the waitlist and a button labeled + Waiting List.
    • Click the + Waiting List button and it will prompt you to choose a participant. Choose participant and click Add to cart.
    • Click Finish and you will be added to the waiting list.

    The Detroit Community Garden coordinators will reach out when a plot opens for the next person on the waitlist. They will require the following:

    • Proof of residency or employment in the City of West Hollywood
    • Review and signature of the Lease Agreement sent via DocuSign (View a Sample of the Lease Agreement & Rules)
    • Payment for cost of Lease ($100) and Key Deposit ($20)
    • Pick up of the garden key from the Plummer Park Community Center

    Please contact us at [email protected] or 323-848-6530, if you have questions regarding the Detroit Community Garden.

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    11 months ago

    I’ve been communicating with WeHo staff for about 6 months to launch a gardening initiative in the City, these plots are wonderful but limited. Luckily there are many ways people can garden in an urban setting. Lets hope Erickson and the rest of CC are willing to truly support sustainable food culture in West Hollywood!

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