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    New Mural in West Hollywood Honors Famed P-22 Mountain Lion

    A new mural was unveiled in West Hollywood honoring P-22, the famous lion that captured the hearts of thousands and has inspired murals throughout Los Angeles County. A ceremony took place on Friday, August 4, 2022.

    The mural, titled “Keep LA Wild” by artist Corie Mattie, in collaboration with The National Wildlife Federation, is located on The Doheny Wall located on the side of Doheny Dry Cleaners at 450 North Doheny Drive (on the corner of Doheny Dr and W Dorrington Ave).

    P-22 Mountain Lion Mural in West Hollywood – WEHO TIMES
    P-22 Mountain Lion Mural in West Hollywood – WEHO TIMES

    P-22, gained fame when cameras captured the beloved mountain lion roaming the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles for over a decade. Since he was first photographed in Griffith Park, P-22 became a symbol of California’s endangered mountain lions and their decreasing genetic diversity. He was also a mascot for wildlife conservation in Los Angeles.

    He was humanely euthanized in Dec. 2022 after being struck by a car near Griffith Park. The mountain lion was thought to be about 12 years old.

    The mural new mural in West Hollywood was inspiration P-22’s most iconic photo by Steve Winter with Hollywood sign lit in the background. A closer look at the mural reveals hidden endangered animals within P-22’s body. bats, rabbits, snakes, birds and more jump out of the lion’s body to symbolize to P-22’s legacy of spearheading animal conservation in Southern California.

    “I think she captures the spirit of P-22 that L.A. loves, so we love it when people go to her murals specifically and take photos,” said Beth Pratt, California Regional Executive Director for The National Wildlife Federation told KTLA. “It’s honoring such a remarkable animal and she’s such a remarkable artist that she just gets his soul right.”

    Mattie also has a P-22 mural in the Fairfax District that was revealed in December 2022. The giant art piece features the cougar with a golden crown. Alongside the cat are four white doves with the words, “Long Live the King.”

    The mural on Doheny includes a QR code that directs viewers to resources for saving endangered wild cats.

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    Kati Hulick
    Kati Hulick
    8 months ago

    This tribute is stunning — love the little Monarch butterfly on P-22’s nose! Great vision and talent. Thank you so much for your artistic memorialization of our beloved P-22.

    Woody McBreairty
    Woody McBreairty
    8 months ago

    It’s beautiful. Bound to be a “photo op” site for both tourists & locals. Obviously, P-22 is so honored & memorialized, he will never be forgotten.

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