My 12 Step Store to Host Sober Oasis During LA Pride Weekend


My 12 Step Store, the recovery book and gift store located on Santa Monica Boulevard in the heart of West Hollywood, is partnering with Mixwell drinks and The Los Angeles Blade to host a Sober Oasis during LA Pride weekend on June 10 and June 11.

The store will continue to provide a safe space for those in recovery who need to check in and talk to another sober individual during the pride festivities.

“It’s pride month for the LGBTQ community and we want to continue honoring it like we have in the past 14 years,” said My 12 Step Store founder, RJ Holguin who recently celebrated 31 years of continues sobriety.

On Saturday, June 10, the store will cheer for the AIDS/Lifecycle riders who ride past the store, and provide refreshments for the riders who use the storefront as a meeting spot.

“We’re offering them balloons and water,” said Holguin. “We are also happy to welcome back our store manager Jacob Hall who is one of the lifecycle riders. We are very proud of him.”

On Sunday, June 11, Holguin plans to keep the store open during the #ResistMarch. Mixwell will provide drinks and Los Angeles Blade newspaper will have a photo booth to capture some pride moments.

Though My 12 Step Store is not participating in the actual #ResistMarch, Holguin says he supports those who choose to march. “I support the march. For me to be standing here and owning a business in West Hollywood is only because there were those who marched before me,” he said. “We want to support those who are marching and provide a safe zone for those who may get overwhelmed with whatever emotions marching at the #ResistMarch may bring up. They can check in, say hello, get something to drink, and feel welcomed.”

Holguin says he supports those who choose to skip the march as well. “The store is inclusive to everyone,” he said. “We support all walks of life from different colors, genders and sexual orientations. We are going to honor pride and all that the rainbow colors stand for which are life, healing, sunlight, nature, harmony/peace, and spirit. We stand by it and support it fully.”

For information about the sober Oasis at My 12 Step Store, visit

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Paulo Murillo
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