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    CANCELLED: UCLA Mobile Health Clinic is Coming to WeHo as Part of Homeless Initiative

    UPDATE: Ucla Mobile Clinic has been cancelled.

    The City of West Hollywood is partnering with UCLA Health Homeless Healthcare Collaborative to bring UCLA’s mobile health clinic to West Hollywood on a regular basis to serve people experiencing homelessness in West Hollywood.

    UCLA Health will host walk-up healthcare services on a monthly basis piloting services at West Hollywood Park on Monday, December 19, 2022 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and Plummer Park on Tuesday, January 10, 2023 from 12 p.m, to 2:30 p.m. Services will be provided at no-cost by UCLA Health Homeless Healthcare Collaborative, which includes doctors and nurses. The Homeless Healthcare Collaborative mobile team provides urgent care, wound care, medical screenings, preventive care, vaccinations, care for chronic medical conditions, and referrals to social service supports that benefit community members experiencing homelessness. Additional service dates will be announced after the pilot launches.

    “We deeply appreciate the partnership with UCLA Health in bringing their innovative Homeless Healthcare Collaborative to West Hollywood. Through the West Hollywood Homeless Initiative, we are working to increase access to services and support that help people on the path back into housing. Making UCLA Health services available within the City makes it easier to get healthcare. We are proud to have UCLA Health join forces with the West Hollywood Homeless Initiative,” said City of West Hollywood Mayor Lauren Meister, who is also a member of the City Council Subcommittee on Homelessness.

    According to UCLA Health, the stressors and barriers people face when experiencing homelessness lead to higher rates of chronic disease, social isolation, increased morbidity and mortality, fragmented service use, and poor primary care experiences. According to UCLA Health data, 85% of emergency department visits for people experiencing homelessness are due to primary- or urgent-care conditions that can be prevented or treated in the community.

    By partnering with UCLA Health Homeless Healthcare Collaborative, the City of West Hollywood is adding to existing innovative health services funded by the City’s Social Services Grants Program to meet the needs of community members experiencing homelessness. Healthcare in Action provides on-call health services in the City’s parks and public spaces and LA LGBT Center offers comprehensive, ongoing health services at their nearby clinic. The City’s collaborative partnerships with Saban Community Clinic, and Cedars-Sinai continue as well. All told, the range of health resources available through these partners, along with the capacity to meet people both in the community and serve them ongoing at local clinics, advances health equity in the West Hollywood community.

    The City’s Human Services and Rent Stabilization Department’s Strategic Initiatives Division oversees the West Hollywood Homeless Initiative in coordination with the City’s Social Services Division. The Homeless Initiative is a multi-disciplinary, multi-agency collaborative response, which includes multiple City Departments, City-funded social service agencies, the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and Los Angeles County agencies.

    Through the West Hollywood Homeless Initiative, in partnership with the community, and with funding support from LA County Measure H, in 2018 the City established the Five Year Plan to Address Homelessness in Our Community. The plan identifies seven goals – and key actions to reach these goals – this new partnership with UCLA Health further advances Goal #6: Strengthen partnerships with other cities and with nonprofit organizations to support regional and individualized solutions to homelessness.

    Making progress toward the goals of West Hollywood’s Five-Year Plan remains critically important in directing the local response to homelessness.

    The West Hollywood Homeless Initiative seeks to effectively address homelessness. If you are concerned about a community member who is homeless, call the West Hollywood Homeless Initiative Concern Line at (323) 848-6590. If your concern requires time-sensitive assistance during nights or weekends, please call the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station at (310) 855-8850.

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    1 month ago

    I don’t know what “Cancelled” means, but if it is cancelled, it gives me hope. We need to do whatever we can to discourage the homeless from feeling at home wherever they decide to set up camp. Any free service will only keep them here longer and bring more of them here. We have enough of them already. I prefer they are bussed out to the desert, to live in dignity with free tents, free showers, free basic health care, free quality healthy food, free wifi, etc. Just not inside the city where taxpayers are.

    1 month ago

    Is this another taxpayer-funded perk, only for homeless freeloaders, or is it also open to taxpayers who need medical care, who might not be able to pay for it, or don’t have the time to schedule appointments and wait all day at various doctor’s offices? The homeless, who clearly made bad life choices, seem to get rewarded with all sorts of free perks often not available to the people who actually pay taxes.

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