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    Out & About with Mike Pingel: Experience Adonis Lounge LA

    I pictured the movie, “Magic Mike” when I attended the Adonis Lounge LA recently. I envisioned sexy hot men gyrating to the blasting song “It’s Raining Men” in unison wearing nothing but g-strings and rainbow umbrellas. Yet, that is far from what happens at the Adonis night on Wednesday & Sundays at Fubar in West Hollywood. The event  gives patrons a much more intimate experience with some of the hottest men in all of Los Angeles.

    Adonis Lounge LA owner Matt Adonis, sort of busted my Magic Mike fantasy. “The whole Magic Mike craze and that kind of scene is targeted to a female audience.” He said. “We’ve tried it. What happens is men are like, ‘Ok this is taking too long, we want the guys in their underwear and we want the action now! We don’t want to see a 15-minute tease of a guy getting undressed.’ The whole dynamic is really different. That does not mean that there aren’t instances where we will do something like that to kind of mix it up a bit. We will and do a strip act once a while.”

    Adonis Lounge LA has been able to capture something different for a gay audience. It is the number one male gay strip club in the country. It all started in New York about eight years ago, when Matt Adonis’ younger brother started a dance show night, and branded it as the Adonis Lounge. Then five years ago, his brother asked him to open a LA base due to overwhelming request from the club’s clientele.

    Matt Adonis was busy with his acting/fitness career when he finally agreed to start the west coast Adonis Lounge about four years ago. Adonis has branched out to other west coast cities like Long Beach, Las Vegas and Palm Springs.

    The guys are sexy, but don’t expect to take selfies with your favorite dancer. The first rule at Adonis Lounge is: No pictures! Yes, this rule is obeyed by the patrons in this age of cells phones. “We don’t allow any photography during the shows. It allows us to pull fitness models, actors, guys you would never see anywhere else, to come work here at Adonis Lounge exclusive because we have the no photography policy. It protects the privacy of the dancers and also the customers,” Matt Adonis explained (photos seen here were taken with permission and are exclusive to WEHO TIMES).

    Matt Adonis

    I had the opportunity to talk to some of the dancers throughout the evening as they took turns on stage with Matt Adonis as the host or ringmaster of the night.

    “The attention is fun,” Rez “The Persian Prince” confessed. “Showing off a little bit; kind of mess with their head a little bit to make them want me on stage and when I get down they can fulfill that fantasy in the lap dance room.”

    “In my moment, I dance two songs and I enjoy evert minute,” Apollo “The Greek God” said. “I do a lot of mediation, so when I’m on stage, I’m like in another area. I don’t see anybody, I don’t feel anything, I just feel like I’m out of my body. It’s my soul flying around, it’s my moment, it takes six, seven minutes, it’s like some invisible drug.”

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    Mike Pingel
    Mike Pingelhttp://www.mikepingel.com/
    Mike Pingel has written six books, Channel Surfing: Charlie’s Angels & Angelic Heaven: A Fan’s Guide to Charlie’s Angels, Channel Surfing: Wonder Woman, The Brady Bunch: Super Groovy after all these years; Works of Pingel and most recently, Betty White: Rules the World. Pingel owns and runs CharliesAngels.com website and was Farrah Fawcett personal assistant. He also works as an actor and as a freelance publicist. His official website is www.mikepingel.com
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