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    Meet Trelino, Our WEHO Go-Go Dancer of the Month for October, 2018

    Meet Trelino, our go-go dancer of the month for October, 2018. This Seattle native keeps busy dancing all over the West Hollywood strip and most places where go-go dancers can be seen in Southern California. Trelino speaks of his professional dance training and wants everyone to know that he’s got more dance moves than a simple two-step on a go-go box—oh yeah, also, he’s not a slut.


    Where are you from?
    I’m originally from Seattle, but I moved to LA about seven years ago. I live in Hollywood.

    What’s your sign?
    I’m a Taurus.

    What do they say about Tauruses? 
    Loyal to a fault. Always right. And chill.

    What’s your relationship status?
    I’m recently single, but I am talking to somebody.

    How long have you been a go-go dancer?
    Seven years.

    What’s it like up there on the box? 
    It’s really awesome. I’m taller than everybody, so that’s really cool, cuz I’m normally short. Being on the box is a lot of fun. There’s an energy rush. You’re working the crowd and on a good night I make good tips too.

    What do you see when you’re up there?
    I mostly see lights. With the fog machine and club lighting, I can’t really see people, which is a lot better for me, because I can’t tell if they’re judging or not.

    Where do you dance mostly?
    From Trunks to Penthouse on the Hollywood strip. I pretty much dance at every bar in West Hollywood, like FuBar, Flaming Saddles, Micky’s, Factory, and oh my goodness. I also dance in San Diego, and pretty much everywhere, all over California.

    What do you think of West Hollywood?
    I think it’s a beautiful fun place. I normally only go out when I’m working, so I don’t really know the privileged life of being a Wehoan, but it’s kind of fun for me to be able to walk through everywhere, cut in line and get a drink at a discount or for free, so I kind of take advantage of that. It’s a lot of fun.

    How would you describe yourself?
    Bubbly. Energetic. Friendly. Happy all the time. Human Prozac, some people say, cuz I bring a good mood to the table. And a bomb ass body.

    What do you consider your hottest feature?
    I’m known for my ass. Definitely the booty is a big factor and an asset, I guess. My abs are disgustingly awesome, because I have an 8-pack. That’s mostly impossible. My obliques are maybe overdeveloped because I’m so flexible. And I also have a really good face. It’s butt, abs and face, but butt first.

    What goals do you have for yourself? 
    I had a goal to be a merman, which I already reached. I became a merman at Penthouse Nightclub and that was a lot of fun. My goal is to travel more. I did a couple of tours and I really want to do that some more. I want to show that I can dance, dance rather than just a two-step on a box. Some people are just go-go dancers who are not trained dancers and people put them in a category, so I’m put in a go-go dancer category even though I’m a trained dancer, which is pretty stupid.

    What are people surprised to learn about you?
    That I’m not a slut. I’m also a professional ballet dancer.

    Does your mother know you go-go dance?
    Yeah. She doesn’t say anything about it. She supports it. She knows I use my dance training, rather than just swing my private areas around. She knows I’m doing what I love to do. She knows that it allows me to get cash easily. It’s better money every single day, than waiting every two weeks for a paycheck.

    What’s the largest tip you’ve ever gotten?
    A couple of celebrities came in. I can’t really drop their names, but each handed me $100 bucks, which was really cool and then they handed me another $100 before they left, so that was nice. During pride I usually make $1,700 in tips.

    What’s your favorite cocktail to get your dance on? 
    The Adios Motherfucker. It’s pretty much every single alcohol at the bar plus a little bit of Sprite. The blue drink. You drink two and you’re like “adios.”

    Trelino can be found on Instagram under the handle @_that1boi.

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