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    Meet Johnny Rice: Our Go-Go Dancer for the Month of November

    Meet Johnny Rice, our go-go dancer for the month of November. He is a dancer, choreographer, artist, musician and model, who brings performance artistry to a new level with his unique look, high heel boots and acrobatic moves. Rice can be seen working a runway, dancing next pop stars like Taylor Swift and bending over backwards at the world famous Abbey Food & Bar (shot here at The Chapel). He and his dance crew The Kiss Boyz don’t ask for much. They just want take over West Hollywood and rule the world.

    Where are you from?
    I’m originally from Los Angeles California. I currently live in West Hollywood. I’m half Jamaican and half Chinese. My parents were born in Jamaica, so I’m first generation. My grandmother was Chinese, so I’m a quarter Chinese. I’m sure there are some other islands mixed in there.

    How long have you been working/playing in West Hollywood?
    I’ve been playing in WeHo since I was 17 years.

    What’s your take on West Hollywood?
    It’s a place for us gays to get away and have a good time. We get to be our authentic self and hang out with likeminded people in likeminded fashion and likeminded cute boys.

    Dancer Johnny Rice – Photo by Paulo Murillo
    Dancer Johnny Rice at The Chapel – Photo by Paulo Murillo

    What’s your Astrological sign?
    I’m a Scorpio.

    What do they say about Scorpios?
    That we are just freaks of the week. We’re actually very loyal. And very trusting. Tell me a secret and I’ll take it to the grave. So if you have something you want to share with me…

    What’s your relationship status?
    I am single. And I’ve been mingling for years.


    How did you get into go-go dancing?
    I’ve been go-go dancing for many years. I’ve been dancing at The Abbey for 8 months now. Some of my friends work here and I always thought it was something that I wanted to do, but I really couldn’t. It’s a good way for a dancer like me have my days free and work at night. Since I’m always going out, I might as well shake my ass for some cash.

    What’s it like from up there?
    I love it. I get to use my training. I do some acrobatic moves. I get to shake my ass. I get to stretch. I get to entertain people. It’s what I’ve been doing for years, so it’s actually very easy for me to have a good time.

    What do you see?
    I look for the daddies with the money if you want me to be honest [laughs]. I like seeing people having a good time who are loving the music just as much as I am. I just want to get the people involved. I get a lot of people who are at The Abbey for the firs time and I’m like, ‘get the full fantasy honey; come see my splits!’

    Johnny Rice – Photo by Paulo Murillo
    Dancer Johnny Rice – Photo by Paulo Murillo


    How do people react to you with your heels bending over backwards?
    Lesbians are my friends. I’m androgynous, which is different from your standard go-go dancer. It’s always either a hot male guy or a sexy hot female. I’m a mix breed of that. I get to wear my heels and I get to wear my little short shorts and I get to shake my ass. It depends on the music. If I’m feeling really really kinky, I give them the full party. It just depends.

    At what point does it become work?
    When no one is paying. I’m just watching the time go by and wondering, is anybody going to get into me?

    Does your mother know you dance?
    She knows I dance. I prefer to use the word, ‘performance artist’ with her, so she’s not stressing out. The Abbey has all the stripper poles and beams from the ceiling, so it is an actual performance. I’m using all my limbs and my core.

    What life goals do you have for yourself?
    I’m a performer through and through, true to heart. I’m a dancer, choreographer, artist, musician. I’m in a group called The Kiss Boys. We’re a trio. It’s Anthony Garza, Julio Marcelino and me. That’s my passion. We do music. We perform. We do choreography. We give it the full fantasy. That’s my main goal right now. We perform all over L.A. We’ve traveled internationally. We went on tour all over China with a Chinese pop star. We mesh well together. We have the same body aesthetic. It only makes sense that we take over WeHo and rule the world.

    Dancer Johnny Rice – Photo by Paulo Murillo

    What do you consider your hottest feature?
    I meannnn… there are so many. Take a look at me [laughs]. I love my back. It’s really flexible, but it’s still strong and still feminine and lean. I have nice legs. They’re long. My ass isn’t that big. I’m not that buff, but I’m fit. It works. For me at least.

    What’s the largest tip you’ve ever gotten?
    I been rained on, so I’ve gotten a full one hundred dollars. It took me like ten minutes to pick it. I was like give me that dollar. That’s mine!

    What are people surprised to learn about you?
    That I’m not a whore. That I’m actually really sweet. That I’m very genuine. People like me. I’m really sweet and respectable and nice. I’m pretty readable.

    Find Johnny Rice on Instagram at @whereisjohnnyrise, on Twitter at @whoisjohnnyrice and he’s also on Facebook under Johnny Rice. The Kiss Boyz are on Insta as @thekissboyz.

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