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    Meet Dan Cam, Our Go-Go Dancer for the Month of September 2017

    Meet professional dancer, model and our Go-Go dancer for the month of September 2017, Dan Cam.

    Go-Go dancing is just another form of dance for this sexy Aussie who moved to Los Angeles from Melbourne Australia four months ago. He currently has a blast dancing at David Cooley’s world famous The Abbey Food & Bar and at the latest Cooley addition The Chapel, located next door in the heart of West Hollywood.

    Cam tells WEHO TIMES he wants to break the stigma that go-go dancers are not approachable outside of the workplace by presenting himself as a “caring, genuine, loyal person.”

    Dancer Dan Cam – photo by Paulo Murillo

    Where are you from?
    I’m initially from Australia. Melborn Australia. I just moved out here four months ago.

    What do you think about Los Angeles so far?
    It’s been amazing. I love L.A. I think it has a fun, upbeat, vibrant energy that’s makes it enjoyable to live in.

    What’s your Astrological sign?
    I’m an Aeries, but I’m on the cusp of Aeries and Taurus. What I know about an Aires is that they can be quite ambitious. They are a fire sign, so I can be too much sometimes. They are very loyal. Honest. That’s all I know.

    What’s your relationship status?

    How did you get into go-go dancing?
    I’ve been a dancer for most of my life, so as performers and dancers, go-going has always been in the field. I was brought up knowing that there was go-go dancing opportunities and club dancing. I view go-going just like being a dancer.

    How long have you been dancing?
    I would say about four to five years on and off. I was go-going back in Australia as well.

    What’s it like in Australia versus here in Los Angeles?
    I’d have to say that Los Angeles is definitely a lot more fun. I feel people come out and they pay more attention to the go-go boys. I feel like there’s a lot more energy and a lot more enjoyment in go-going out here.

    Dan Cam photo by Paulo Murillo
    Dancer Dan Cam photo by Paulo Murillo

    What’s it like dancing at the Abbey?
    Go-going at the Abbey is a lot of fun. There is a complete variation of crowd fun. Male, female, straight, gay, bi, whatever–everyone at the Abbey is non-judgmental. You can be yourself. We have guys in heels and manly men. Go-going at the Abbey is definitely a fun place to dance.

    What’s it like from up there when you look down into the crowd?
    It’s actually quite enjoyable. When you see people enjoy your enjoyment while you’re go-going, it definitely makes it a lot more pleasing. That audience interaction is what makes it fun.

    At what point does it become work?
    I don’t think it ever becomes work to be honest. It probably becomes work the next morning when you wake up and your body is really sore and you’re really tired, but while you’re at work and go-going, it doesn’t feel like work.

    Does your mother know you go-go dance?
    Of course. She loves it. She’s cool with it.

    What life goals do you have for yourself?
    I’m a professional dancer, so obviously I would like to book a tour and go on tour with an artist; do video clips, live performances, award shows–all that kind of stuff.

    What do you consider your hottest feature?
    I wouldn’t say it’s a body part. I’m going to say it’s my accent.

    Go-Go Dancer Dan Cam photo by Paulo Murillo

    What’s the largest tip you’ve ever gotten?
    I got a $100.00 bill.

    What are people surprised to learn about you?
    I guess being a go-go dancer, people are quick to make a judgement about what kind of character you are. I think I’m definitely a caring, genuine, loyal person. I’ll give you my time of day and listen to you. I think people are surprised to learn that about me. If you meet up with people and connect with people while you are working and then socialize with them outside of work, they kind of have this moment of, ‘oh, he’s actually a genuine nice person.’ People form this stigma towards go-go boys, but I think there is a lot more to us that people don’t always get to see.

    Dan Cam at The Abbey Food @ Bar – photo by Paulo Murillo

    Follow Dan Cam on Instagram under the handle @danncam

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