Mayor Pro-Tempore Lindsey Horvath Invites You to Meet Mayor Pete Buttigieg


Mayor Pete Buttigieg is coming to WeHo! West Hollywood Mayor Pro-Tempore Lindsey Horvath is joining Jennifer Childress, Sam Greisman, Ira Madison III,  Brandon Sharp, Brent Weinstein and Sue LaVaccare for a grassroots fundraiser with Mayor Pete Buttigieg, scheduled for Thursday, May 9, 2019, 5pm-7pm (address available upon RSVP)

Horvath released the following statement via her newsletter.

“I first met Mayor Pete through mutual friends in the Truman National Security Project,” Horvath states in a news letter. “I was a Partner Member and had heard rumor of a guy from South Bend – home of my alma mater, the University of Notre Dame, where Pete’s parents worked! – who was a millennial Mayor, openly gay, a Christian, AND a veteran. Wow!”

“Then, while serving as Mayor of West Hollywood, I had the pleasure of seeing both Pete and his partner, Chasten, at the White House with President Obama at the US Conference of Mayors. We offered mutual support to one another as local elected leaders. I instantly knew they were ‘my people’ – they were genuinely warm, kind, and gracious – and they felt like home.

Now, it is remarkable to see all that Mayor Pete has done. Transforming a rust belt town – a place where I lived for four years and know to be full of good, hard-working people who have been struggling to get ahead – to a place prepared for a 21st century reality is a challenge facing many American cities. Unifying community in the face of bitter partisanship and division is no easy feat, but Mayor Pete has made it signature to his leadership. Living out and proud both his Christian values and his loving marriage to Chasten are the things that inspire me most about Pete, as I’ve witnessed just how hard it is to do both with truth and grace.

It is for these (and so many other) reasons that I’m proud to know Pete is a leading voice in the conversation for the 2020 Presidency. He has made it okay for me, and so many people around the country, to have faith in something and to believe in the promise of our future.

But I don’t want you to take my word for it.

That’s why I’m inviting you to #MeetPete in #WeHo!! Please join us for a grassroots event to hear directly from Pete about his vision for America. Come learn about the values we share across communities, and the ways we can work together for a better future for all – and a fresh start for America.

Click on the image above or visit:

Hope to see you there!

Lindsey Horvath”

The price rage for ticket available as of the publishing of this piece are as follows:

Friend – $25.00 each (SOLD OUT)
Supporter – $50.00 each (SOLD OUT)
Advocate – $100.00 each
Champion – $500.00 each
Co-Host – $1,000.00 each

To join Team Pete, visit:

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