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    Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Launch Got To Vote 2020 Ad Campaign

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    The Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence launched a Got To Vote 2020 ad campaign with a collection of colorful images urging everyone to make sure they are registered to vote and then to vote on November 3rd.

    The Sisters are releasing posters and video public service announcements. Some ads are in Spanish. The Got to Vote 2020 incorporates the colors of the Black Lives Matter movement with the organization’s winged Sister logo to stand in solidarity with this urgent human rights issue to help forge social justice.

    “In light of current events surrounding the murders of Black civilians at the hands of Law Enforcement, the Sisters have once again decided this a time to incite political change,” reads a press release. “The time is now to put an end to systemic institutional racism and the oppression of people of color by our political leaders and judicial system. Our intention is to remind people that Black Lives Matter is at the heart of this election.”

    As an order of 21st Century queer drag nuns, The Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence believe in freedom of expression, teamwork, effort and diversity. Since the original sisters first appearance in San Francisco on Easter Sunday, 1979, the Sisters have devoted themselves to community service, ministry and outreach to those on the edges, and to promoting human rights. They continue their commitment to social activism, social service and spiritual development with a mission to make people happy, stamp out guilt brought on by a judgmental society and support various organizations and charities financially. They express their creativity through the art of drag as a reminder that there is room for you to be as fabulous as you are and as you are meant to be.

    “We are a month away from the most important election of our lifetime,” Abbess Sister Dominia stated. “We should not go smaller. We should not take a step back and wait to see how this organization or that organization does it. We are Sisters. We do things our way.”

    The Got to Vote 2020 campaign was conceived by Sister Harlot and the posters were photographed and created by Sister Miracle of Hollywood Photo Studio. The campaign features Sister Barbie-Q, Sister Bearonce Knows, Aspirant Brenda Over, Sister Caryn Soul, Sister Fuzzy Wuzzy, Sister Harlot D Lite, Sister Jenna Say Quoi, Sister Loose Clarita, Sister Magically Delicious, Sister Mary F*cking Poppins, Sister Suga N’ Spikes, Sister Siri Usly, Sister Unity and Aspirant Vida Vegana.

    Got To Vote 2020 is a call to remind neighbors, colleagues, family and friends to be registered to vote and share the Sister’s voting message.

    To view all images individually, visit:

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    3 years ago

    Lame and sad.

    This group should their energy to clean up the homeless and put them in rehab.

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